Saturday, June 30, 2012

holiday starts now

It's Christmas day and i got a flight to catch. after a week full of sex i expected nothing at all this holiday, maybe an adventure would come in my way or droughts and frustration. It's mid day and i was ready to board my flight, I love flying. you never know what's gonna happen in the air, or the people who sit next to you or when you reach the destination. It's not my usual airlines but since that's the only flight available i took it. When i boarded the plane i saw this cute flight attendant smiling at me. I smiled back. He's around 5'11" white, cuddly build and wearing glasses. totally my type. As i reached my seat i just hoped hard that he would talk to me and gave me special treatment hoping since it's christmas it's full of miracles and presents. He checked me out and I checked him out back every time got. Then the unexpected happened, his food cart bumped into my seat and he told me "Sorry that's my fat ass" in a swishy way, it was an affirmation that he's gay. I smiled inside but a bit turned off. haha. It's a 7 hours flight, should be long enough for him to strike up a conversation with me. I had no idea what was gonna happen but i kept my fingers crossed. I thought he was quite interested in me so i was just hoping that he would talk to me, but when we were halfway through the journey he seemed busy and he ignored me few times even when i gave him "the look". I knew deep inside he was interested but hey maybe he was just way too focused on his job. So I thought about different strategy, i wanted him to serve me so he would talk to me. So asked him to get me water, then extra serving of delicious tiramisu, then gin and tonics. He got the message but i reckon he got annoyed. I gave up when we were  almost landing. I was gonna gather all my courage to asked him out but it seemed that he gve me a little attitude and ignored me even more. Maybe he was just playing hard to get but I knew that he was keen.
Oh well, It's his lost i thought. Once i get there my mood changed completely, I miss my parents terribly, my mother was there at the arrival hall and She was glad that i was there to celebrate Christmas together. The next day i went to my favorite cafe to use their internet as i don't have internet at home. I logged on through grindr and I saw familiar face, a cutie. I saw this profile in Sydney not so long ago, so i started a conversation with this guy.

OMFG. turned out it's him. the flight attendant who i was hitting on last night. It almost gave a heart attack. I didn't expect this would happen. small world. We started chatting. He's kiwi and been working for the airline for years. He doesn't live in Sydney but he's based in Auckland. He's very well travelled (Duh) and very cultured. Plus  HE LOVES ASIAN GUYS.

I was really keen to meet him but he was running out of time, he needed to go to go back to sydney that evening. Oh well, it was that close. I found the whole experience very intriguing.

Update: We had a chat for a while and exchange facebook hoping that i would see him in sydney sometime, he seemed decent and into me. After the new years, his profile was gone. both in grindr and facebook. i knew what it meant. I was blocked. oh well. It;s his loss.

More holiday stories coming up soon.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

The return of Mr.Big

This happened very recently.

It's been more than year since he broke my heart for the first time. At first we kept it simple and we kept it civil, we started being friends again, strictly platonic. We decided that we are better off as a friend and nothing more. The only mistake that i had at that time was i gave my heart to someone who was emotionally unavailable, not that i wanted to but it just happened. He fell for someone else while on holiday. He broke my heart, i forgave him for that. He learnt by his mistake, i knew he was stupid. I gave him my trust again to become friends, a confidant. We had a great relationship. He acknowledged our "thing" in the past to people. I liked the idea of it. I knew that we couldn't make sense. We are contrast. I am young, he is old. He is white and i'm yellow. I am tall and he is short.

He used his charm to get what he wanted. I knew that he had the power. I learnt by past mistake not to take it. I knew i couldn't trust him anymore. When we are getting friendlier again I thought we are good friends. He invited me to events, i did the same. It was the first time my friends met him. They were all blown away by his charm. They all thought he was a jerk but all in front of them was this charming older gentleman. I was glad of the fact that they got along pretty well.

Something happened tonight. It's winter here and we were both freezing. I invited him over for a friendly meet. I'm gonna be away on holiday soon and we haven't seen each other for a while so i thought it was a good idea to catch up. We were just mucking around in my room, he brought over sticky date pudding and a bottle of pinot noir. classic.

The next thing i knew we kissed. I spooned him. I wanted to stop but my heart couldn't do it. The lights were off. clothes off. There was just our naked bodies. We had sex. It was the first time in ages since i bottomed. It was painful but i enjoyed it. I remembered suddenly how it felt when he fucked me the first time. that feeling, the submissive feeling when someone inside me. It felt warm. I lost word to describe it. When he finished inside me i felt the same feeling i had when we were together. It was incredible. It felt amazing for one second. Then i realised how stupid i was to fell into his arm again. We didn't cuddle after, I was ready to kicked him out of the bed. it felt incredibly awkward. I didn't feel guilty but it just felt really weird. Maybe this should not happen again, he's like a powerful drug that i've craved and got addicted to and once i had it i knew how amazing and how bad is it for me. Maybe we should pretend like nothing happend, or maybe i should delete him out of my life forever. i'm clueless....


Pre-holiday romps part.2

This is the continuation of my last post. To recap, it was before christmas holiday and i needed to have as much sex as possible before my big trip back home. I hooked up with few guys and this is my story..

Guy No.2 # The Pilot.
I've known the Pilot for a while now. He's simply the best sex of my life. He came into the picture last year, when i was feeling really down with Mr.Big. We share the same passion for aviation and sex. We've only met few times but we've kept in touch throughout the year. We're both busy and couldn't find time to meet, finally couple days before xmas he had time to meet so i invited him over to my house. When I opened the door i saw the same handsome man plus few extra pounds. He looked good though but i could see that he was under a lot of stress. we caught up for a while, he told me that 2011 was the worst year of his life, though he was still the same happy chirpy guy i know. I like him a lot, he's very tall, smart and handsome. just too bad he has a lot of bagage. After one hour of conversation, we moved into the bedroom. We were into it. it was a prolonged reunion, the last time i've met him was almost a year before and I miss him dearly. I miss his smell, his touch and the way our body unite. I never like rough sex, but with him, it's a totally different story, he's wild. We are like two animals mating in the bed. He's the one who introduced me into versatility, before i only knew how to take and he taught me how to give pleasure equally. He's not a good kisser but he knows how to excite my body. I was in ecstasy. He knows how to fuck. It was rough and wild. like animal. I really enjoyed it. I could feel that he hadn't had sex for a while and He was very agressive, i totally felt the sexual tension bult up and released into me. He fucked me for a while and he always delivers the total body experience, it feels like my body was gonna explode. It was as good as our previous meets. I remembered the first time we had sex, it was 2 hours full of passion, sweat and pleasure. Once we finished we cuddled and shower together, I needed the mind-blowing good sex before the holidays. He's always been my favorite. I think it's gonna be really hard to replace him as my number one guy. Once we got dressed, We gave each other goodbye hug as he's gonna go on holiday with his ex to Indonesia as well. We kept in touch after but i still haven't meet him again yet. He told me that he's gonna spend more time in the middle east this year so I won't get to see him as much as i wanted to. He's someone that i won't forget ever, I hope I will meet him again very soon when he's in town. 

Guy No.3# The train driver.
I met the train driver from manhunt, he's not a good looking man but he's not an ugly one. He's just an average guy. I was first hesitantly invited him over but after a while my dick said otherwise. He's a very nice man, 40 something, blue eyes, bald. his biggest assets are his beautiful gorgeous dick and his bubble ass. He's around 173cm stocky build and love an asian man like me. We met for the first time in November, and he worshipped every single inch of my body. I was his master. He's usually a top but with me he bottomed like he was hungry. He is really tight so it's a big plus. I love the fact that most versatile top men like him would bend over for me. We had great sex for several times, and he's the first person that i first finished inside. I invited him over for the last hurrah before my holiday. This time around, We played in the bath house. He's never been to a sauna as he's a closeted man but the idea of bath house really intrigued him so i suggested the place. We did our foreplay in the sauna then we continued in the little cubicle. We took turn but obviously he loved my cock inside him more. He's very gifted in the penis department, it was 7"cut and very thick. The only minus was i was really tight and he's not a very good top so i took charge most of the time. It was an okay fuck. He's the guy that delivers average sex, nothing mind blowing but he's my go to guy whenever i need more attention. He likes me playing with his beautiful dick in return of using him as a bottom. He is quite submissive, although i know deep inside he wanted to dominate me but he just doesn't have the heart to. I like him a lot because of his gentle personality, he's very sweet like puppy and he worshipped me. A total opposite from the pilot. He's not someone that i could date as we have totally different personality and interests. But I'd like to keep him as fuck buddy time to time. Once we finished, we said our goodbyes and leave. No fuss. It was Christmas eve and I'm leaving Sydney on Christmas day. It's only the beginning of my holiday adventure...