Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tales from Bali/ Trouble in Paradise

Jakarta was a breeze, it was great to catch up with family and friends. Living my other life, the life that i left years ago. Cocktails and fashionable restaurants.. all the glitz and glamour. It's such a contrast from my life in Sydney, a struggling student with limited allowance. Here back home i have daddy's credit card and i can spend away his hard earned cash. Being back home is not a holiday but a reunion. I caught up with all my classmates back from high school and this was the first time in years that we all sit down together and have a reunion. I was in Jakarta for few days, my next destination would be Bali. My sister invited me and my mom to spend holiday with her and her partner. It was also the first time in years that we spent holidays together. Reunited again as family. Daddy was too busy to hang with us. At first i wasn't that keen to spend the holiday with the family but i had fun. My best friend T from Sydney was also in the island by the time i was there. He was also holidaying with his family and family friends. The island was packed with tourists from all over.  traffic everywhere. I expected it. I knew it was such a bad timing to go to bali during new years period. Too many tourist traps, prices were inflated by 200% and so many pickpockets around. However it didn't stop me and T from partying. We had great time going to beach clubs and bars in the island including the gay ones. It was our second day and we wanted to check out the scene. I've been to Bali countless of times but never been to their infamous gay bars in Dhyana Pura district. (Bali Joe's, Mixwell) Mr. recommended me to go to his favorite. By the time we got there it was nothing that expected. it was small dirty and sleazy with gogo dancers and drag performances. Not my scene. also BAD BAD MUSIC. it's intolerable. at lest the drinks were cheap. me and T didn't enjoy it at all, but we had fun riding motorcycle taxi and eating good food. We partied almost every night and the highlight of trip was chilling out at potato head beach club and new year's breakfast at la lucciola. T left after new years and left me alone. It was where the real adventure began.

I checked out grindr as i was bored being left alone in the hotel. i was quite unwell from the constant partying and feeling quite horny I'd love to meet a tourist and have sex. or maybe just a date. I had achat with few guys and so far none was interesting nor interested in me but two. One is an irish guy named Pete, we'd been talking for a week but he flaked out in the last minute of meeting. The second one was Aaron, an Australian from Adelaide. i caught him when i was in Kuteda, sipping cocktails alone suddenly my phone buzzed, a notification from grindr. a cute blonde guy. we chatted for ehile, he was interested in meeting up, so i arranged a date the next day. He was a cute blonde guy, average build, 5'10", very polite and proper. We strolled around kuta, me giving him the tour. He was friendly and attentive, i was interested in him but i thought i was just gonna take it slow. He seemed to be interested, The next day We were texting the whole day, he was flirtatious he used "babe, darling and cutie" So i arranged a meet with him again at night. hoping that i might get lucky that night or maybe a memorable day. He told me to pick him up at Kudeta, where he and his friends had dinner. It was quite late but i wanted to see him, My intention was to kidnap him and had drinks somewhere quiet. When i got there i was introduced to his friends, all nice people. I was also introduced to his gay friend, Troy. he's also very nice. Aaron suggested that the three of us to go to the gay bar. :( I was reluctant, I just wanted to spend time with aaron.

So at the end we went. I knew that i wouldn't had good time there and i had bad feelings about it. When we got there the two tourists was all jumpy and excited. We got our drinks and Aaron who was at first all interested in me was suddenly changed. He was more interested in checking out other guys and enjoying the go-go boys. then the most possible thing happened, They ignored me all night long. I was very upset. Then the local boys were throwing themselves at them. Me as the only asian got ignored again, I guess Bali was a paradise for white men but it was definitely hell for me. Of course to made it worse, the music was really bad. they played Adele for like 10 times throughout the night with horrible gay bar remix. It was hell and I just wanted to get out of there. Aaron and Troy saw me uncomfortable, they didn't cheer me up but kept ignoring me and kept checking local boys out and talking to the staff. It was a different Aaron that i met the night before. We met few people there, including the managers and PRs of Bali Joes and Mixwell. The manager at Mixwell was very nice to me (i forgot his name), and i must say he really took care of me. so that was the highlight from hell. Then we moved to Bali Joe's, We met some guys, a server named Alan and This guy RA, who was sitting next to our table. RA is a model and social climber. He's famous for being friends with the infamous Manohara Pinot. I don't know him personally but he's a friend of a friend. RA was hitting on Troy constantly and He tried to seduce Troy by telling him that he got a 10" dick. I heard it, it was sickening. Aaron was suddenly gone, i was looking for him because RA was uncomfortably trying to get Troy. Then i found Aaron with Alan. talking very intensely, I was very upset. Aaron then told me that he was gonna go home with Alan, I was even more upset. out of the blue, Aaron smooched me on the lips. saying thank you. What the hell. It was pretty late and i wanted to go home. Troy felt exhausted as well, he told me that he wanted to go back to their hotel and rest. RA didn't get Troy as Troy got a boyfriend back home. Aaron went into hiding with Alan and Me and Troy found him making out with Alan. Me and Troy was really concerned about Aaron's safety so we were willing to wait. but Alan wanted to take troy home. Me and Troy was convincing Aaron to go back with us but He seemed blinded by Alan. Alan was also very hostile to me the whole night, he was really bitchy and nasty towards me, Wasn't supposed to be me that should be upset and hostile instead? Before  So me and Troy went back home to the hotel, In the cab Troy told me that Aaron just broke up with his partner and he was looking for fun. Not surprised. I told Troy how disappointed i was and He understand. We got to the hotel and Aaron told us to wait for him there, he was gonna take Alan to his hotel. I was just ready to go home, So I booked a cab from their hotel. Once we arrived, I needed to take some cash out for my cab fare. I saw Troy looking exhausted and dehydrated so I bought him a bottle of water. Troy needed to wait til Aaron got back so he was just lounging in the lobby. I said goodbye to Troy once my cab was arrived and Troy was so surprised by my gesture of me buying water for him. He said thanks and goodbye. I was deeply annoyed by the whole thing but i guess it's a lesson for me. an experience. Aaron and Troy added me on facebook soon after, I accepted their friend request and I just wanted to get these things behind us. I guess they're just people and things like this happened. I just have to learn from this and be a better person.

More holiday stories coming up soon...