Thursday, May 30, 2013

Back to Sydney

Being back in Sydney feels like going back home again, 4 years feels like just yesterday. I grew so much from a shy boy to someone who has a lot of experience in sex and dating. Since my dating life has been nonexistent so shall we recap my sex life then.. 

After few months away, my grindr and other dating apps having been buzzing constantly, apparently it happens almost every time i go away, i'm the new fresh meat again. so it was good to get the attention for a while and some guys i met some just chat. but yeah it was great to catch up with my regular buddies for sex. During the holiday i didn't have sex with anyone and I missed it much. 

Sex was great but I feels really lonely sometimes, i miss having someone that i could cuddle to and talk to and be intimate with. really sex was just a release for by biological need, but it doesn't fulfil my emotional needs. I'm a human and i feel needy sometimes. I feel a little jealous sometimes whenever i see a young couple or any couple walking down the street being intimate. It feels like having something that i have been missing out. being in a relationship, a stable one.

So yeah, i enjoyed the sex, hookups, and one night stand for a while, and Being back to normal means i have to endure my loneliness and keep looking for the right man with the right application :)


It was Valentine's day and I have to take an early morning flight back to Sydney, the end of my holiday. Sadly, it all came to an end. I spent really great time back home, spending time with my friends and my family. ate a lot of good food, hear good news (my sis got engaged to her handsome partner).

Changi Airport Terminal 3 was quiet at 6am in the morning but i was curious who's on grindr that morning. I had a chat with this really young and cute guy who turned out to be in the same flight as i was, we sat few rows apart but yeah he wasn't interested in me, that's alright i got the idea, another rejection. ;) it's really funny how grindr really revolutionised the way people communicate to each other and grindr might cuts the odds of people finding their soul mate. wherever they are, in proximity.

So i guess in my fantasy, i will find my soulmate somewhere in the airport and we'll be going to the same destination.


My next destination was Singapore. So after Jakarta, Bali, Gili and Bandung, Singapore was the last stop before back in Sydney for the new semester. My best friend T has an aparment there and he always telling me to come visit him there so I did and I had a great time there.

This was the first time in years where i spent the nights in Singapore, usually i just had a quick stop over on my way back home for few hours. My plan was to eat, drink and shop really well, which i did. Singapore is a place to be when you want to gain few kilos and empty your wallet for new wardrobe.
Another reason why i was in Singapore is to watch wicked. I've watched it few years back in Sydney and my girlfriends wanted to watch it when the season opened in singapore. I couldn't say no to the theatre. I asked Tom to come along as well, but he backed out in the last minute, oh well. So it was just me, T and my girlfriends.

My friend T used to live in Singapore for more than 17 years, before he moved to Sydney for his education. I haven't wrote much about him but after my girlfriends left sydney he was always there for me. We were classmate and best mate at school and outside school. When i first met him at class i thought he was cute, when i got to know him better we have a lot of thing in common, we're both from the same country and we're both a smoker, and we're both gay. He knows singapore inside out and he's the best tour guide anyone can imagine.

He took me out partying every night showing me the scene. We went to taboo and play on my first night, at play i met a guy who i had a chat with on Scruff a week before his name is Michael, a cute latino boy from the states. It was quite funny how we met, so i was dancing on the dancefloor and saw a familiar face then i smiled at micahel then he approached and shout "I know you!!" we talked for a bit and exchanged numbers, i wanted to ask him for brunch in a few days time but it never happened. He bailed out, sadly.

Wicked was amazing, it was my second time. the first time was in Sydney, the singapore production used the Australian casts so i saw familiar faces like Jemma Rix, but the highlight was David harris. He was such a cutie a perfect Fiyero! I have a huge crush on him since. A tall blonde boy who can sing really steals my heart away! :)

Singapore was a great fun, I ate, shop and drink really well. It's a great place to live even though the weather is too hot. Maybe i'll move here one day. it will be another adventure.