Thursday, May 30, 2013

Back to Sydney

Being back in Sydney feels like going back home again, 4 years feels like just yesterday. I grew so much from a shy boy to someone who has a lot of experience in sex and dating. Since my dating life has been nonexistent so shall we recap my sex life then.. 

After few months away, my grindr and other dating apps having been buzzing constantly, apparently it happens almost every time i go away, i'm the new fresh meat again. so it was good to get the attention for a while and some guys i met some just chat. but yeah it was great to catch up with my regular buddies for sex. During the holiday i didn't have sex with anyone and I missed it much. 

Sex was great but I feels really lonely sometimes, i miss having someone that i could cuddle to and talk to and be intimate with. really sex was just a release for by biological need, but it doesn't fulfil my emotional needs. I'm a human and i feel needy sometimes. I feel a little jealous sometimes whenever i see a young couple or any couple walking down the street being intimate. It feels like having something that i have been missing out. being in a relationship, a stable one.

So yeah, i enjoyed the sex, hookups, and one night stand for a while, and Being back to normal means i have to endure my loneliness and keep looking for the right man with the right application :)


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