Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gili Trawangan: Dancing on My own

Gili Trawangan is a paradise on earth. After the Aaron drama I couldn't sleep just kept wondering what happened exactly. I was extremely upset when i got back to the hotel, it was almost 4 am in the morning and i got a boat ride leaving Bali at 8 am. I felt like crying but really my tears would be wasted for an asshole like him. So i tried to write some emails to my friends, It really made me feel better. Before I left the hotel i've got few reply back and it really made my day that my friends really care about my well beings. The weather was extremely bad and when i got to the seaport, Our boat service has been cancelled. Instead we are flying to Lombok and from there by land and a short boat trip. The flight wouldn't leave until 6pm so we've got almost 8 hours to spare. We went to ubud instead for lunch and back to the airport on time. They trip to Ubud really cleared up my mind. I was extremely tired at that point I didn't sleep at all still upset from The Aaron drama i just wanted to let everything go but with our original plan fell through it seems a little difficult to just move on. Bali traffic didn't help too it made me even more frustrated. What cheered me up a little was the conversation i have with my favourite fuck Wally over grindr. he really did cheered me up with his witty conversations about our 2 favorite things, food and sex. Long story short, we got to the airport board the plane, extreme turbulence over the strait, landed safely, 2 hours drive plus 15 minutes boat ride in high tide. We arrived in Gili Trawangan.

Gili Trawangan is renowned for its cristal clear water and partying. No cars or motorcycle allowed, only bicycle or horse cart ride as mode of transportation. I spent a good night sleep trying to get over what happened and When i woke up i was in completely different mood, totally relaxed and calm. I didn't care much about what happened. I walked along the shore and I saw there are a lot of eye candies there. Hot european boys walking half naked in all directions, I couldn't be more happy than this, Bali was full of bogans and This island offers the hottest guys. I checked on grindr and there was no one online except few people who were in bali or lombok or even in Bandung, more stories on my chats later. I spent my days just walking on the beach, chilling out, eat good food and rest. At night it was a different story, There was a lot of parties going on, Because my companions were not build for partying anymore I spent time alone, i thought drinking alone was really depressing but then again I found it quite enjoyable. Quickly i've made friends with the germans, the french, the spaniards and The Swedes! The Swedes were really nice, On my last night in Gili I partied with them and we sang and dance together. One particular song that really stuck in my head was a song that they requested, really described perfectly my mood. It goes like this "I am in the corner watching you kiss her, oh I'm over here why can't you see me ooh.. I'm giving it all but i'm not the guy you're taking home.. I keep dancing on my own"- It was Robyn's "Dancing on my own". It really described what i felt when Aaron jilted me over a local dude in that bar in bali  It took me few days a song to actually get over him and Life goes on and continues. This is the first time in my life that i could actually enjoy being alone and not being dependant on anyone to actually have fun. I had fun drinking alone and dancing alone, And when the swedes were gone i kept dancing til i had enough.

I spent 4 days in the island and when i left I've had 2 dates lined up in Bali and in Bandung. My island holiday was almost over and I left the island as a new man.


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