Monday, May 28, 2012

Pre-holiday romps part.1

It's the end of the year, i'm officially on holiday and i'm ready to go back home for an extended vacation. 2 full months of revisiting old life, hanging out with old friends, eat well, drink well, the sun the sea and the beach. Before the holiday begins, I have things to sort out things first. The fact that it's hard for me to get laid in an asian country. weird but true. Maybe it's just my build or the way i carry myself, It seems that everytime i go back home, everything seems to be perfect but no one was attracted to me. so the idea of not getting laid for 2 months was getting closer, i felt that i just had to do one thing. MAN BINGE. ou yea, William was turning into such a big slut. getting laid as much as possible before my big man drought. Honestly, i don't have sex that much. around once or twice a month. not that I don't want to but I have pretty busy schedule during the weeks that finding time to have sex is hard. Also i don't have a fuck buddy on call since my last one dumped me. But I do have couple of guys on my address book that i could invite over whenever our time match. Also I prefer to have sex with people that i know. repeats are always welcome on Will's book. I logged on grindr, scruff and manhunt. I had a lot of close calls but I only managed to see some guys. 2 of them are new. sort of. I'm just gonna write some of the memorable ones.

Guy #1. Wally.

He looks like an older version of Gotye
Wally and me had been chatting on manhunt for ages but we had never met up until before Christmas. His profile stated that he's 45. vers/top. 6'3". 90kgs. slim smooth. prefers asians, slim smooth. he never put his face pic but judging from his torso pic, he possess the most athletic body ever for someone his age. He responded to my profile one night on manhunt. i had a profile with food euphemisms, it's very vague and it's every man to decipher it. and He was interested in engaging a conversation with me. i thought that he was out of my league. i'm not slim as he prefers on his profile. One day i saw his profile on grindr. i said hello, we never really had a chat, we ping pong messages, we mostly talked about food and nothing really naughty. I thought he was just partnered to a guy, and in open relationship as usual most quality guys are partnered. Usually I don't go for this kind of guy but he was really interesting as we could finishes each other sentences. Then he dropped the bomb, he told me that he's partnered. to a woman! I was kinda turned off by this fact but i was amazed on how our conversation flows like water. he was very interested in food. we're both big foodie. we talk about food and wine most of the time for weeks. nothing sexual has been discussed but I knew that he was interested to see me. So a week before my departure i asked him if he was available. he told me he was pretty busy as he had to go on a holiday with the partner to visit families and he needed to meet his fuck buddy for last fuck before new years. but if he was really interested in meeting me. so he told me that if he could go for another round maybe i could meet him later at night. we could play in the bath house. I waited and he messaged me if i wanted to meet. I agreed to meet him, it was around 9.30pm, he picked me up. I didn't expect much i mean he didnt reveal his face, so i didn't know what he looked like. so I was quite surprised when i opened the car door theres a good looking mature man. He is the quiet type in real life. He is much chattier online but we seemed to connect. Once we got to the bath house, we tested our chemistry by kissing inside the steam room. My gosh, he was such a great kisser. he complimented me with the way kiss, obviously we had the x chemistry. We were pretty hot and wild there. we attracted an audience, a petite asian guy who wanted to join us. I never fond of threesome, and that guy was very persistent to join. I thought he would ditch me, but no he wasn't attracted with him (and the petite guy was a really bad kisser). He suggested us to get a room. so we did. It was full of passion. every moves was very sensual. not animal style but it was more like love making. we explored each other's body and he possess the most amazing body i've ever touched. lean, almost muscular, small bottom but rock hard as steel. The opposite of me, I am half solid and half fat, cuddly and huggable. round. and The way he kissed, so passionate. He worshipped my body, explored every inch of my skin. I couldn't remember the last time i had sex like this. I forgot all my reservations about him (bi, partnered to a woman) just let all my inhibitions out. We didn't even use any enhancers, it was just pure passion.  He let me in charge that night. So i was the top. I knew he usually the "top". He enjoyed it very much. I really enjoy eing a top of a man who's taller than me as I am just under 6 feet and He is 6'3". Almost every 5 minutes, he complimented me with my moves and kept thanking me. I was such in a natural high. He was impressed with my moves. never jack rabbit sex, but slow and passionate. I let him top me for a few moments. and oh boy he was also a very good top! All about him was just so sexy, and pasionate. we cuddled, kiss, fuck, change position, then do it again in repeats. We didn't care about the time. I almost didn't care about finishing. it was just the sensation of making love to this man gave me the rush. it was almost tantric. i love it. every single moment of it. Then it happened, i finished inside him. It's very rare when i finish inside someone. I was happy, we were both exhausted.  We checked out the time and it was 2am by the time we left the bath house. we were there since 10pm. It was a record for me. I've never done it with anyone for that long before. continuously.
That body for a 55 years old man. 
I just couldn't believe his level of energy, i mean he did it with his fuck buddy earlier that day then he did it again with me. I told him that he must be joking about his age. He put 45 as his age but obviously he possess stamina of someone who's younger. and He told me "I lied, i'm actually 55". I was shell shocked. His appearance looks like he's 35 years old. (face + body). energy of a 25 years old, yet he is 55 years old. WOW, unbelieable. Maybe it's all the cycling, the swimming and the sex plus his love of food makes him young and happy. Until today i still couldn't believe that he's 55 years young.
He dropped me home then he sent me a message telling me how much he enjoyed that night. A gentleman, he also sent me a text after. We would keep in touch after, i figure he's a keeper even though I couldn't keep him forever and he's not mine, also falling in love with this man means trouble for me. I just have to enjoy it and let it go. I don't want to be addicted with him. I'd describe the whole encounter with him as eating at a really expensive restaurant. Something that you do once in a while, you will rave about it forever, but you could never eat there everyday. He's a 3 michelin stars. 4 hours of full passion, it went beyond my wildly expectation...

There's more stories about wally coming up soon....

part 2 up shortly...


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Whew... You're pretty busy, aren't you?
Hehehe... Have fun and play safe!


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