Monday, October 3, 2011

The holiday

I was in Shanghai for 2 weeks, couple weeks ago. It was my first time there and i must say that it was pretty awesome. I escaped Sydney winter to be with my really good friend, miss pinkcommunist who was kind enough to share her 5 star hotel room. She is in Shanghai on 6 months contract business trip and i was tagging along. She also knows someone from my industry so she set up a meeting for me to meet her contact, hoping to score an internship, i jumped on the plane when i heard the opportunity coming.

I don't speak chinese, and I was in a strange city. I don't know anyone except my friend and I had to explore by myself. It was such an adventure and I like the idea of being in a strange city when i don't speak the language, being "Lost in Translation". It's all about how people communicate to one another, without speaking the language and it fascinates me. One thing that i realized there was that i didn't stand out with my yellow skin and almond shaped eyes. everyone spoke chinese to me and i couldn't understand a single word. But anyhow, i found some dates there, thanks for technology and dating sites i wasn't alone. Miss pinkcommunist couldn't be there with me all the time therefore i needed some company. In total, i had 5 dates. I didn't shag all of them but all were very interesting to write about.

Update soon!


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