Sunday, May 15, 2011

The drought is over

So i have to make a little confession, Yesterday night after i wrote the last post, i felt extremely horny, so i logged on to some hook up site and guess what, i got lucky. It's been a while for me to hook up with someone, and he lives not too far from my place. He's American, 40-ish, cute smallish guy. After exchanging numbers, I jumped into a cab after taking a shower, it was all very direct, no ping pong messages on the site and get the business done.
I wont go into details but at least i'm set for now for couple of weeks. It was okay, not too bad but not great either. He doesn't kiss but i was fine with that. We had a bit of a chat on the bed after doing it, for me the talk it's the most interesting part of hooking up. It really shows what kind of person truly opening up inside and out after an intimate moment together.

He's quite an interesting guy, works in healthcare here in sydney, has been here for more than a year He moved from new zealand before sydney. Lives alone with 2 cats. He was the child of hippies in San Francisco, extremely kind and polite. He told me about his last relationship with his ex that lasted 13 years, and they moved country together but his ex met someone else in NZ and he moved to Sydney got back together again and he got dumped again when the ex's new partner moved to sydney. It must be really hurtful for him but i can see that he's a fighter. I had a really nice time talking to him, we had a nice laughter, it's a good thing that neither of us are looking for relationship, he warned me before we hooked up and totally understand the rules. I think i'm experienced enough to not get myself hurt.

He send me a text just tonight saying that it was nice to see me yesterday. I hope to see him again and i wish to see him for coffee as friends with or without bedroom action, i think we can be buddies. :)


At May 16, 2011 at 2:40 AM , Blogger Juanne-Pierre said...

I am a little jealous.
My last two hook ups involved spanking and watersports, not my thing, gave it a shot but damn i just wanted a good old fashioned lay...


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