Thursday, March 31, 2011

bad date

I checked on site #m's inbox the other day, no i wasn't hunting but i'm always curious about guys who want to meet up with me without me trying to find one. Then there's this guy who sent me a message couple weeks ago telling me that i'm cute and wanting to meet up for drinks or coffee, good. at least he's not sleazy enough to take me to bed straight away, i'm just over it now. After exchanging phone numbers, and couple text messages later we agree to meet tonight. Oh see what happen. I'm not looking for anything but i'm always up for a thrill. A date. hope it will turn out well!

PS: I met the guy and officially, the worst date ever, over within 10 minutes, I didn't even order anything. I didn't know which part went wrong, but i thought he was a little interested until he told me he gotta do some errand. when i got back home, turned out he blocked me from the site. OUCH!


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