Friday, March 18, 2011

The Game

Seriously, is he playing games or what. oliver just texted me couple minutes ago. We're not meeting up today because on Fridays he's always out with some workmates afterwork and right here, right now i'm chained to my desk trying to write a researched paper which due on wednesday.

In his text, this is his exact words "I know you're not really the right person to tell. But at karaoke one of my workmate's is really hot. And i'm dying." when i read it, on the back of my mind was, WTF. I know that he's drunk, or else he wouldn't sent the text with clear head. I don't really care much actually, if he's seeing someone else beside me or sleeping with another person. Is he playing games with me and try to make me jealous?

I replied his text because if i didn't reply, I don't want him to actually think that i actually care because clearly, i'm not. In fact, i might be happy for him to actually get to know even more people in Sydney as he's just moved here last month. So i replied: "Haha, you should totally go for it!! Sounds like fun, I'm enjoying myself watching some doco for my paper. have fun Ollie! :) WL."

This is getting more and more interesting.
Have a nice weekend everyone.


Ps: He's clearly dunk, he texted me again last night after I wrote this.
-Ollie: "I tried to offer one of my colleague's a threesome. Wtf is wrong with me. Haha"
-Me: "You are insane! LOL"
-Ollie:"I know i'm really too drunk lol. wwtf"
-Me:"You should get laid, drunken fuck is awesome! Lol, have fun!! ;)"
-Ollie: "You're Mad."


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