Monday, February 28, 2011

Pancakes For breakfast

I hosted a Dinner party last weekend, It also marked my last holiday weekend. The holiday was just way too long, and a lot of things happened during 4 months. I got my heart broken, lost weight and gain back my confident. I invited couple of my closest friends to my house for a dinner party, i cooked and prepared everything. it was a blast. That was the first time i actually hosted a dinner party and everyone had a great time and stayed till almost 3am in the morning from 7pm. I was flattered, and Things were special because Oliver was there too. It's our 3rd week since the first time we met each other.

I asked him to stay over for the night, I miss kissing and cuddling him. It felt so comfortable and blissful. I had never really asked anyone to stay over before. but I know there's always a first of something new. I just hope that my cousins won't be suspicious as they don't really know that i fancy guys. Haha but i took the risks, and it was worth it. We cuddled throughout the night and made love. It felt so good, when someone is next to me. The best thing about him is that he doesn't snore, so both of us slept like a baby and we fulfilled our physical and emotional needs that night. He had this thing where he like to "do" me when i'm fully asleep. and I think it's rather sexy. Hmm.. that's kinda the first time someone did that to me.

When we woke up, he told me that he wanted to make breakfast, pancakes to be precise. I had never have anyone made breakfast for me before. He put on music as he started cooking. it's "Blueberry Pancakes" by Fink and it actually fits the moment
 "I really miss your blueberry pancakes, Sunday morning cooking em up wearing my t-shirt, I'm lifting it up. Sitting at the table where it all began for us.." 

I was really happy for the moment, he has this most incredible smile when he made me the pancake. I felt like i just wanted to cherish that moment forever. 

Of course the al the good moments  has to come at an end, The holiday ends and The dinner party, the sleepover, and the breakfast was just the perfect way to end my summer. and I'm ready to start again.



At March 2, 2011 at 3:01 AM , Blogger the immigayrant said...

Blueberry Pancake? Oh it looks yum, and the Blueberry makes it sound like a healthy breakfast. ^_^

At March 2, 2011 at 10:39 PM , Blogger William Lemon said...

The thoughts and the actual food were really good. I start to like him more, but just too bad that neither of us would like to date each other, at least for now.


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