Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday, 21 hours.

I had the most incredible weekend last week and i'm trying to gather everything and write it down, and It all started on Friday last week (11/2).

So on that day, I woke up very late, I watched some documentaries online until early in the morning. I just want to spent the last weeks of my holidays procrastinating, something that will be rare when the semester starts again in 2 weeks. So I logged on to one of the hookup sites,I saw a new message it was from a guy that i wink for fun because he saw my profile the day before. After couple of messages and exchanging phone numbers we agreed to meet at a cafe in the middle of the city in an hour. We met in the evening around 6pm. I waited for him for a bit, and suddenly this guy came and approach me, we shook hands and start to interview each other in the first 10 minutes, Let's just say his name is Oliver. He has skinny frame, and white pale skin. It's so different from the guys that i usually go on a date. 

He told me that he was working in Beijing, new to Sydney and looking for friends, he's 20 years old a year younger than me, so i thought hmm there's no harm of making new friends. So i met him in the city, He has dyed red hair and it's kinda cool i think. We ordered the same type of coffee, flat white and He told me that he's from New Zealand and he's in Sydney for work at an Investment bank, so I'm quite impressed, i'm a year older than him and while he's already working and i'm still studying. He's a nice guy and funny, smart and incredibly cute. but I didn't know for some reason he didn't give me this vibe "sleep with me" so i thought he's just interested in making new friends as he doesn't really know that many people here. He has a good sense of humor and i started to like him as a friend. My best friend called me while i was with him and asked where am i, so I told her to come, I wanted to introduce him to her, as I was so sure that this is a non-date and It would stay that way. My best friend came and the three of us got along very well surprisingly, and She left us after a while and we wanted to continue the night and start drinking. So i took him to my favorite places in the city. We shared a lot drinks by drinks, He told me that he fancy both men and women, and before he moved to Sydney he dated a girl. He also told me that he hates labels but he's very comfortable with himself. We talked like a friend and there was no single flirtation moves from me or him, but i did really enjoy the night. It was hot humid summer night, and I was sweating a lot, and I love it. I didn't care about my appearance in front of him. I also shared a lot to him like the story how got circumcised and he told me about his bad skin in high school.

As the night getting late, I wanted to call it a night as i got pretty tired from barhopping, but I missed my bus and he suggested to get to his hotel (He was staying at a hotel, company paid) and hang out. I agreed, and thought i might stay till the first available transport at 4am, as i hate sleeping over. As we walked to his hotel, I sweated even more, but I still didn't have a vibe that i was going to sleep with him, it was all very friendly, and I couldn't interpret his charm, his kind smile. was it friendly or inviting? i was clueless. Once we got into the room, he grabbed me a towel and wiping out my sweat, it was kinda sweet. he suggested me to take a shower, "Hey, you should take a shower if you're gonna sleep on the bed"So i did take a shower because it was so hot and i was sweating. After taking a shower, i got dressed and jumped into the bed, i was kinda tired. We talked more, and this time it's a little flirty, but i think there was nothing wrong with it, and I still didn't get the sexual vibe. I told him about the first boy that I've ever kissed and he kinda reminded me of him. I told him that we had never done anything, and the second time we kissed it was like kissing a brother, and I felt nothing. He then told me "If i kiss you then it doesn't mean anything then" He gave me the look and grin, So i asked him back "Do you wanna kiss me?" We kissed, He told me this "Whatever happened, I want us to become friends, I don't want you to leave in the morning and don't call me back" I nodded, and we kissed again and we were making out the whole night. We fooled around, and it was different. He has this energy, something different from the usual guys that i had seen. Everything felt so comfortable, so natural. He has the moves, and he is a really good kisser. He blew me away that night. We collapsed and we cuddled throughout the night. We woke up late in the afternoon, and We fooled around again in the morning. It felt so good, waking up with someone hugging me from behind. We were on the bed and doing nothing. I felt so relaxed, that was the way i always wanted to spend my weekend with someone special. 

We had a very late lunch around 3pm, and I realized something. I had spent 21 hours with him together, and it felt like just an hour ago i first met him.  

to be continued...


At February 23, 2011 at 11:43 PM , Anonymous cassius forrest said...

wow what a great time you had! sounds very nice


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