Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thai restaurant

I told my best friend that the day i moved on from him is the day I have the courage and the will to go to a Thai restaurant, It sound a little stupid but I put some kind of sentiment towards anything Thai because I was dumped for a Thai guy. But on Monday something incredible happened. I woke up and I felt like all the feelings about heartbreak were just gone. I let him go completely, and I forgive him. I guess it took me couple of weeks, countless of hours of friends support and German soap opera to realize that There is someone much better than him out there for me.

For almost a month, i might forgot about what he did, but i hadn't forgiven him and let him go. I think that was the key. So I forgive him, and I guess It's a pretty liberating feeling.

On Monday, I passed down a Thai restaurant. I quickly called my friend and told her that I'm ready to have dinner there and She seemed happy because she knew that I moved on. So all is well now, and I'm happy and smiling for the first time in weeks, and This time it's genuine.


At February 15, 2011 at 10:07 AM , Anonymous billy from New York said...

Man do I love Thai food. You can't get it here on Long Island, gotta go into the SO fist-i-NYC and I'm a country boy and am on the fence about the fast scene, but it's a man's right to change his mind, right? Here in the states today though? It's still Valentine's day and we're all enjoying http://Youtube.com/iwantmyLauren so please take a peek down under.. get lighthearted and realize that EVERYONE needs love and the kind taught at the ACADEMY OF ORAL SKILLS by headmistress Ms. Besame Mucho for people who go ALL ways, gay and straight as she runs her school for the orally challenged, where both men and women are put through basic training rigorous drills like doing pushups with just their tongues. It's a scream and over the top comedy as well as fantasy land starring Lauren Francesca, Walter Masterson and others in Lauren's YouTube Channel Launch today, BETTER than chocolate, eye candy for ALL, face it, a tongue lovers guide to how to give great tongue lashings and no one goes without their candy today. Peace and hugs and fishes from Long Island, we're all brothers and sisters in our love of the strongest muscle in the body..


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