Tuesday, February 15, 2011

George Clooney

*This was written last week when i was still moving on.
These past weeks has been very good for me, I don't think of him as much. I began to wonder, it was the unanswered question of why did i actually attracted to my Mr.Big at the first place. hmm.. let's see. He's much older than me, 25 years to be exact. Italian, and he possess the quality of my man crush of all time, George Clooney! well, he doesn't look like George Clooney but he has the potential to look exactly like him if he's taller (can't change that unfortunately) and skinnier (that one he can!). He possess this charming good looks and mannerism. Oh my heart is smiling when i write this but what the hell. haha. So here's the lists of things that made me attracted to him in the first place:

Mature, check. Charming good looks, check. Irresistible smile, check. Slat and pepper hair, check. Ability to hold conversation, check. A foodie, check. Love wine, check. Creative industry background, check. Uses mac computer, check. Listen to pink floyd, check. Smoking Clove cigarettes, check. American Express Platinum, check. Lives in Eastern Suburbs, check.

But then again, all these things were very subjective, and i'm pretty sure there are a lot of guys in the world who possess most or all or above the qualities that I've written, and hopefully can return my feelings back. fingers crossed!


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