Saturday, April 2, 2011


After bad date yesterday, today i got rejected by my new team members and they told me that they would like to do the projects without me. I was a little annoyed but seriously, rejection sucks. I never like being rejected, who does anyway. but it's a little thing that stings but won't kill me, i should get even stronger. I think i'm able to pull off the project alone, by myself and push myself to the limit. The whole rejection experience taught me things, is this the worst thing that's gonna happen when things aren't working out at the first place? I hope so. I get rejected many times, and usually i grow even much more. dates, when things aren't working out, look for another one. I'm just having a bad week. Now it's already weekend and i'm not going out anywhere. Not really in the mood. tomorrow i'm having brunch at bills, my favorite brekkie place and hanging out with ollie at night, so yea, i hope things will get better tomorrow.

Btw, i checked out my inbox and there's around 4 guys who wants to hook up with me. sweet, i'll think about it. just hope they won't reject me. :)

Have a great weekend everyone.


At April 3, 2011 at 12:23 PM , Blogger the immigayrant said...

Have a great weekend too, William!




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