Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Home sweet home

‎"What if I just can't find my way back home" - Bag raiders

So here i am in my hometown. A city of 11 million people and none of them are interested in me to shag. Most sites that has adult contents are blocked by stupid pornography laws including my favourite dating sites. grindr is on but i hate the quality of people are there. Maybe i'm a potato queen inside a bag of rice. 

I met a guy from grindr yesterday and he doesn't look as good as in the picture. total disappointment, i was gonna ditch him and stood him up after we order the coffee but i was being a gentleman and talk to him for around half an hour. He was very nice, but he's not a type a person that i would have fun with or be in a relationship with. Maybe i was just curious to test the water and the scene here back home. Nothing is easy, but it's much much easier in sydney. Here guy wouldn't go straight to the point that they just want to fuck each other but instead it's endless conversation until both parties lost interest. ironic isn't it? 

This guy has the same name as me, works at a bank, well educated joined gay choir group highly photogenic. he was patience enough to be stuck in a traffic for 2 hours just to meet me. When i first saw him, i was utterly dissapointed with the way he looks, the way he dressed, oh well maybe physically he's not that bad but he has bad skin. that was a total turn off. He couldn't talk, instead, he looked at me with huge smile in his face, he loosened up a little when i told him my story and finished half of our coffee and sipping cigarettes, but still i wasn't interested in him at all. 

"it's not you it's me" :) lol. 

So, here i am sitting at an ultra trendy establishment, stealing their internet and smoking black marlboro, horny and waiting for any response from grindr. if grindr failed i should go out, or wait til my friend to introduce me to these bunch of gay expats so i could get laid. maybe i'm that desperate. 

or i should just rub one out.

Greetings from bright light big city. 


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