Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's too late

I was once infatuated with you, I like the grease on your hair, you smell, the way you look at me. That stare, I just knew that you wanted me. I gave you that look back. Our lips might say the opposite things, but our eyes couldn't lie. Seconds went into minutes, minutes into hours then days, weeks and months. We talk, we make each other laugh, we made love.
You slept on my bed, I slept on yours. i cuddled you from behind, i wanted to make you feel secure that night. you and me, and nothing really maters except the both of us. I wanted hold on to the feeling forever but when the sun was rising in the morning we know that our clock is ticking. We made love again. It was beautiful. I played with you hair, and you played with mine. you gave me the best back rub, and I tried my best to give you massage. We cuddled, i could feel that your heart was beating fast, and mine too.
i wanted to say things that i've never said to anyone before but i was just too scared to let you know. You expected me to say it first and I wanted you to say those words to me too. We played the game then we both lost. I hate losing but i learned much. i still see you, you are my friend. We still make each other smile but i stopped playing with your hair and your heart.
i'm not interested in playing another game with you, you know it. I don't dare to break your heart or you break mine. We would flirt, cuddle, and sleep on each other's arm but not kiss or make love anymore. It's not wise. Now the feeling is just gone. I hate to think 'if only' but things that never happen will now forever gone. Now it's too late. you didn't break my heart and i didn't break yours. It's good that we stop playing the game and move on with each other's life. Everything's not lost. the feelings might be gone but the memory would be there forever, and I know for sure that i will think of you as someone very special in my heart, because you made me very happy for a moment.



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