Thursday, July 7, 2011

The islandloverboi returns

So here i am, sitting down in a cafe checking out facebook. I clicked on Mr.Big's profile, and surprise surprise, there was something shocking and always made me feel the vomit in my mouth. It was his island loverboy posting his picture in Sydney. I never thought that it will happen but it happened. It's a good thing that i'm not in Sydney at the moment but seeing a picture of a guy who stole my guy really upsets me. i'm pretty sure that he set this one up just to make me jealous. i try not to be consumed by emotions, but i just couldn't help it. It made me feel so fucking insecure. even though the guy is not as cute as me, but still that feeling of rejection just came back to me. It was over 6 months ago, and i've moved on far. very far. bust i still hate that guy. Never ever in my life feel this shitty. 

Oh well, good on Mr.Big, he got his wishes grated couple months ago, to be with that stupid fucking thai cunt in Sydney. haha I just wish them to be happy, IN HELL. 

It's not the jealousy thing, I don't even fucking care that they're together. but Knowing that guy is in sydney, it just opened up some wounds. I hate this feeling. I may forgive Mr.Big for what he did to me because he was totally honest to me at the end, and it was easier for me to move on. But i still hate hate hate that stupid fucking thai cunt. he stole my man away. 

I guess is should calm my self down, i'm much better looking than fucking chang, i'm way more knowledgable, way more presentable than him. 

Maybe it was my insecurity, looking back Mr.Big was much happy to with his island lover boy because he wasn't as good as me therefore he wouldn't feel intimidated. and Mr.Big found trouble in paradise when stupid fucking chang drove mr.big crazy with jealousy. haha that fucking guy was jealous of me, Mr.Big told me and I was fucking happy to hear that. 

now the table turned, and i'm, not happy with the situation. update soon...


At July 7, 2011 at 9:53 PM , Anonymous the island guy said...

I liked reading this... thanks for sharing your true feelings with me

At July 20, 2011 at 5:54 PM , Blogger Earnesto said...

Came across this randomly, had a moment somewhat similar to this, hang in there!


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