Saturday, July 2, 2011

The crush

You saw that person from your friend’s page, you thought that person is cute. you want him. you him a lot, you stare at his pictures for half an hour and admiring them. He is what you want, you aspire to be with him, spend your precious time together. it was just a wishful thinking. you don’t know anything about him except you have 15 mutual friends in common and he is totally your type. You’re too afraid to act, you wait. You find yourself in a club with your friends, and he was there. he doesn’t know you, you don’t know him except his name. you saw him from a far, hoping that person will be near you so you can stare at that person all night. He was dancing with somebody, you kept figuring out whether there was a slight chance if you smile and he would smile back and stroked a conversation. he was dancing 6 feet away from you. your heart beats faster. you wanted to give him a smile but he went away again. your friend told you to call it a night. you saw him one last time, and cross your fingers that it wouldn’t be the last time to see him again. you went back home. you were thinking about him the whole night, you had a dream about that person. Now, you are writing this post just to pour out exactly how you feel. you have a crush on him, hoping you would meet him and grew something out of it. 


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