Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shanghai Dates

Shanghai, a city of 20 million people. 5 guys, 5 interesting stories. This is my story:

Date No.1- The English Teacher, D

So It was my third day there and I found myself pretty lonely. So i logged in to various apps on my phone (grindr, scruff, growlr) and looked for interesting guy to chat with. So i saw a familiar face. I had a chat with this guy couple months ago when i was back home in July. We didn't meet yet we had some convos and I was pretty desperate at that time. not a good first impression but I said hi to him again. He didn't really remember me so It was alright. I had a clean start with him again. We had a good chat for couple hours and he was keen to meet me. I think the most interesting facts about his was that he lived in my country for 4 years and speaks my language fluently. I was so surprised. It's sorta rare to find someone like him. He's American, couple years older than me, has a cute smile, and scruffy, He's a bear. with very good sense of humour. He was still very new in Shanghai, only been there for a month, and when i had a chat with him in my hometown he was transiting. so i thought this should be fate that we met halfway around the world. We met at his neighbourhood, near the jewish ghetto. It was a nice first date, we had noodles and dumplings on the streets without knowing how to speaks chinese, so it was a total adventure to see the real shanghai, where real shanghainese live ad eat. I found him real attractive, and a gentleman he paid for the meal but i paid for other things. he showed me his hood and his apartment, he told me stories about his experience teaching in my county for few years and how much he loves it. he likes what he does, teaching english. We met again after a week. He was busy most of the time. i wanted to hang out with him more but he wasn't always available. I felt that we definitely have connection but we knew that it wasn't gonna go anywhere. I think if he were in Sydney, we would date. but no, he's halfway around the  world. We didn't sleep together or cuddle or kiss, all very friendly because we knew our boundaries. I still think about him sometimes, we are facebook friends but I think i'm just gonna leave it for now, never knew what's gonna happen in the future.

Date No.2- ABC, A for Apple

After the date with D, Someone sent me a message in growlr, a cute asian guy. we flirted for few days, it took us couple days to arrange the date as we were both busy. He said he used to live in Sydney and now lives in Singapore. He was just visiting same like me and he was staying at the one of the tallest hotels in shanghai, next to my friend's office. So one night after his work he agreed to meet me. We had some local cuisine. I found the connection with him quite instantly, he's an Australian Chinese, in his late 30s but looks like a 20something We asian have good gene :). He works for apple, and in shanghai for business trip. He went to my uni and Sydney was his hometown. I found him quite cute and has good sense of humour. I took him to my favourite bar at the bund, Bar Rouge. He has been to Shangers couple of times but never been to the bund and see the view of pudong from there. He was amazed by my gesture. We had couple glasses of champagne, and share our stories. I always like to hear my dates tales. He moved from Sydney after a bad breakup, and when i told him my story about someone dumped me for a thai guy he said that story is so cliche. His story was similar, he was in a relationship with this guy for 7 years then they took a trip to Thailand together and his ex played around with with thai boys while they were there and the rest was history. other than our life stories, we shared quite a lot that night with the view from the bund, it was quite romantic. I went back with him and i slept with him. he's a total bottom so i had to do the work. It was sex with the view. quite memorable. we collapsed on each others body after, We cuddled all night and He left in the morning. We talked for few times after, but We didn't have time to see each other again. but i have his contact details, so maybe we could see each other again in the future. as a friend or another date halfway around the world.

to be continued.
More updates to come, stay tune.


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