Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One of those weekends, with grindr.

One weekend night few months ago. I received a very suggestive picture from grindr. Hmm.. It looks yummy. It was 2 am in the morning. i was just about to go to sleep. but i was horny so i replied to his empty profile. We exchanged pics and we were both content of what we saw. He suggested me to come over to his place, not far from his place, just 5 min by cab but impossible to walk. He sent me his face pic, very good looking late 30s, 6'2" tall, great body and the most amazing cock i have ever seen. "It was long pink and amazing, it's dickalicious" My inner Samantha was calling. So i came over to his place in one of the most affluent suburb of the country. it was a $10 cab ride but what the hell i was horny and i needed some action. He told me that all the doors to his apartment was slightly ajar so i just came in without him buzzing me up. I walked nervously and it was low dimmed light over the corridor thinking if i went to the wrong apartment. Then there he was on the the bed lying on his back and he told me to undress and we started our action. It was anonymous, sensual and hot. It was the biggest dick i've ever taken in my whole life and he was interested in sucking me off the whole night. We had a good time although it was hurt for me bottoming for him but it seems that i was ready to take his big talent inde me. He was a good fucker, I enjoyed it very much. He didn't finish his reason that he had jerked off twice that day. i finished inside his mouth. then we collapsed and cuddle after.

After 5 minutes of cuddling, he asked me where i was from. This question is always on everybody's mind every time they hear me started talking. I told him just guess.  He guessed "Canada, or The US, or the Philippines" Wrong answers. I said i may have the accent but that was not where i was from. My accent seems to confuse a lot of people and i gave him more hints and he couldn't guessed correctly. I said I came from Indonesia and I studied in International School, that's where i got my accent. To my surprised, he started talking to me in broken Indonesian. I was in shocked. I met a lot of Australian guys who have connection to my country but never met anyone who speak my language. He told me that he used to live there for some time because his dad owned few business and properties in bali then he told me that his dad deals business with XX and I was utterly in shocked. XX is the son of a former president and he did a little bit of business with my dad back then and XX's family is very close to my best friend's. So we were connected somehow. There i was halfway around the world , sleeping with a stranger then we found out that we had somehow a weird twisted connection. Isn't the world small enough?? So i get dressed, but before i left i asked him for a glass of water. I looked around his apartment it was a nice and big place . there are artworks everywhere, litreally hundreds of pieces from paintings to sculptures. He seemed to be a lover and collectors of art. There was one particular handmade wooden toy i eyed on and he told me "Oh yeah that was my favorite, I got it at the auction in London" He told me he was recently single and he used to have half of the artworks and now mostly in the storage or with his ex. So i asked him what he does for a living. I assumed he's in the art industry but he told me that he worked in investment banking. and i asked him don't tell me it's X-The largest IB in Australia. He said Yes. in XX division. I was in double shocked. "How do you know?" i asked. "Just guessing". Then i explained to him that i know some people in X, XX. this is getting to awkward, so gave him a good hug and I left. I seemed to wonder, we are all connected in a way. I believe in six degrees of separations and this is the first time i encountered someone, a total stranger in another country a person that's different race than i cam yet we have a lot of connection. The world is that small. so I left freaked out but amazed on how the universe worked itself out. I wonder if he felt the same thing too. I never seen him online again after that night. He seemed to be a nice and respectful gentleman. It was great one night stand.

Can you find the "one" in a sea of people?
I went back home and it's almost 4 am. I remembered that Breakfast at Bondi is on in couple of hours. I called up my friend he was asleep and i told him to meet me in bondi beach in an hour. It wasn't planned but when we get there with the orchestra and the sunrise. It was one of the best thing i've ever seen. Food, Sunrise, Beach, Music. It was perfect. I told my friend what happened that night and he couldn't believe it too. He warned me that i spent too much time on grindr. maybe i have. but i kept in on the whole time that morning in Bondi. Maybe i was just horny allt he time that morning. hoping to get more actions. There are 2 guys messaged me. One i wasn't very interested in. so i blocked.

The other one was very interesting. we were chatting for almost an hour and we relied on the gps function to reveal how close we are. when my friend went to the bathroom, i saw that this guy was 70 metres away from me. i looked around and there's this guy who fits the profile. I came to approach him and there we were. 2 strangers. one app. one impromptu date. It was kinda awkard at first but we broke the ice. I asked him what he was looking for? he told me he didn't know. He's late 30's something. quite good looking. He told me that he's partnered and he just came out years ago. and he's been in a relationship since. He didn't know what he was looking for but he just kept looking. It was a nice conversations for half an hour. My friend was looking for me. so I ended it and said goodbye. I haven't talked to him after since. I sent him a message once. just a friendly one, he didn't reply. oh well.

I left Bondi beach at 9ish and made my way home. It was a nice weekend. I met two guys and it was something that i could turn my experience into writing. I hope day after day my life would me more and more interesting.



At April 5, 2013 at 3:31 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

seems like you had quite some experiences with Grindr :)
I haven't used it, and I'll continue reading your blog for a while heheh.
Probably I'll try the app :p

ps : I like reading your stories.. Have finished some at the moment.


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