Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tales from Bali part deux. les adventures de William à Bali

Before the whole Aaron drama, I was really all alone. Being sick while on holiday was no fun. Mom and the family was busy with their own thing and i was left alone in the hotel for few days. Maybe i did too much partying, T left after new years and there's nothing i could do really except watching dvds and talking to people on grindr. Once i recovered i felt like going out, alone. maybe just had few drinks at the beach club and checking out the scene. I went to Potato head alone to have their bloody mary and I was surprised that i met my friends from school, so It was a surprised reunion, I hadn't met them for years and It was great to catch up with them. It was a little late and I felt like dancing, and I was hoping to get laid that night, So I was just trying my luck in the gay district. I didn't like going out alone, but It was a good exercise to boost my confidence. It was a night that kind of change my life forever, to have enough confidence for going out alone and not being dependant on friends to have fun. before I left to the bars I had a chat with few people on grindr and one invited me to meet him. He's an indonesian who lives at Perth. So i thought there was nothing wrong to meet a new friend for a drink. I got there with a motorcycle taxi, it was quite common way to beat Bali ridiculously frustrating traffic. When i got there i was looking for my new friend but I couldn't find him. Suddenly there was a guy who approached me. He's an Indonesian guy, pretty tall, dark and built. As a gay man it's quite rare for me to have someone approaching me. He wasn't my type but i guess there was no harm of meeting new people. We talked for a while, asking me where i was from. He was talking to me in broken english and i replied in Indonesian. He thought i was a tourist from taiwan or japan. After a little chit-chat he started to make a little move, even followed me in the bathroom. There he showed his true intentions. While i was washing my hands he hugged me from behind and start rubbing his erect dick against my backside and whispered in my ear in seductive way "If you want this, Rp.500,000 = $50"then he put my hands on his crotch, i can feel his huge dick. This is the first time i ever experience prostitution first hand. I was really intrigued with whole situation but it didn't shocked me. so I made a pass on him and told him that i'm not interested, he got the idea but he quickly moved on from me. Oh well there was plenty of fish in the sea. :p  The next thing i saw was shocking me. He made a move on this japanese looking woman who clearly came to a gay bar alone dancing. i saw him doing the same thing to me then I saw them out of the bar together. I guess thing dude will do anything for money, doesn't matter a man or a woman. for him a hole is a hole. I moved to another bar next door, there i saw my online friend waving at me. So i had a chit-chat with him, he was very friendly and he told me that he's on holiday here in Bali, he lives in Perth with his partner, a chubby looking Aussie guy (he showed me their pics on his phone). he told me that they've been together for quite a while and he has a business back in Perth. My new friend also told me that they met in Bali. Their relationship really intrigued me, The sugar daddy provides love and security, and in return my friend becomes his "boy". It kept me wondering that their relationship works. Turned out my new friend was also hitting on me. He likes a big guy like me but i made it clear on him that i just want to be friendly, I told him in a cheeky way that if we hooked up his partner would get jealous. he replied that His partner are not allowed to cheat but he could. haha I quickly finished my 4th bintang and leave to another bar.

Bali Joe's
Outside the bars there were a lot of "ojek" or motorcycle taxi driver waiting around and they were very persistent on getting some customers, i guess their target market are mainly tourists who are drunk enough to get ripped off, and of course i'm not one of them. There was this particular guy who were so persistent on me he asked me where i was staying and he gave me a "good bargain", it was almost $20 hell no i was gonna pay that much. so i refused politely and I didn't want to go home just yet though we had a good chat and reduced it down to half price. I walked to buy some cigarettes at the convenient store across the street. I saw there was this cute white guy drinking beer and hanging out on the steps of the store, he smiled and said hi to me, i smiled back. I paid my cigarettes on my way out i couldn't find my lighter so i asked the cute guy if he could spare me a light. We became an instant buddies that second. He bought a can of heineken and we were chatting for almost an hour. The cute guy's name is Jean-Christophe a DJ, from belgique. He had just moved to Bali for few months doing nothing really but partying. He was an interesting character, cute and very friendly, he's around late 30s but he still acts like it was in the 90s. We discovered that we had the same taste in music and movies. He told me about his misfortune in Bali, got ripped off, robbed and beaten up by thugs, trapped by prostitute and the list continues. nevertheless he loves the island and would live in bali forever. I was fascinated by his stories, also he told me about his dark past as a heroin addict then he got sober from drugs but still an alcoholic, he said the best way to cure an addiction is to switch to another one. He did successfully. He was wondering why i was in the gay district alone, I told him that i got bored but i hated the music there. He felt the same way, the only reason why he was there because his best friend who he moved together with is gay and wanted to check out the scene. then he got bored so he was just drinking in front of the convenient store. He told me that he loves the gays, and He wish that he was gay. but more interestingly he would fuck with his best friend once in a while in his sleep whenever he's horny and couldn't get a pussy. I was just wondering that maybe a hole is a merely a hole, and a man would fuck anything that moves when he's horny. When the conversation turned into sexual, I can feel that he was trying to hit on me and he subtly asked me for a blow job. I refused politely and got away with it. I gave him a big hug and leave, I was smiling after knowing that I met an interesting character and the fact that i would never meet him again ever. I forgot his face by now but still remember what he looked like.

As the tiredness hit, It was time for me to go home, after few hours there i knew that i already made my day instead of being at my horel room. I tried to find a cab home but i couldn't whilst i was waiting for few minutes, the "ojek" driver who gave me bargain came up to me. He was ready to find his last passenger of the night, me. "Toni" gave me great deal to go back to my hotel and he said he would tell me his story on the way. My hotel was in downtown so it took more than 30 minutes to get there. So I was eager to hear his story. He told me that he saw me talking to a white guy and he asked me why i didn't come back to my hotel with him. I told him that i was trying my luck but couldn't find anyone that night and that guy was just what i was looking for. Then he offered me if i would like to try some of his kucings "cats"-gigolo. In my mind, not again!! so i refused politely and told him that i wouldn't pay for sex. He asked me what kind of guys do i like and i said i prefer white guys, He told me that white guys are free but they're hard to get, local boys are easy but they cost varies according to needs.
Then he told me stories about his customers from around the world especially from Australia, Japan and Taiwan. Toni is a sort of pimp who really takes care of his customer, he makes sure that the clients get what they want tailored to what the client's need, for example an effeminate Japanese client would like to get fucked hard by Balinese stud, Toni would make sure that The client would get the biggest cock in the island and gets fucked hard all night long. The client is happy, The whore is happy from the Yen and Toni is happy from the tips also from the "cut" from the negotiated rate, Toni bragged about how much money had he earned by doing this. Toni also makes sure that his whore wouldn't steal from his client as there are a lot of horror stories Toni makes sure that he maintains the best reputation as a pimp and his respectable whores who would satisfy his clients. He also makes sure that his "cats" are disease free and make sure they are wearing condoms with clients.

Toni also maintained contacts from overseas who would visit him regularly and ask for his service. Also noted that Toni's english is quite good and he wouldn't be having any problem communicating with overseas customer. He told me that a regular customer of him, an Australian bloke cried when Toni dropped him back to the airport, The bloke was touched by how much Toni had looked after him in every way. Toni is not only a motorcycle driver, but he's also a car rental driver/guide sometimes based on clients need. Toni is not a local Balinese, he migrated to Bali for better life and he did and He's very comfortable by Balinese standard. He claimed that he likes the gays not only they are source of Toni's income but also for their gentle souls. I can see that he's a genuine character and also a very good businessman. He loves his gays but he claimed that he's not attracted with another man or slept with one before. Many has offered him money to sleep with him or hit on him hard but Toni loves his wife and wouldn't cheat. He swore to god on this one. I'm not surprised by the fact that so many gays would hit on him, he does have the charm.

As the destination was getting closer, We also talked about how the island changes by the developments and it's not as safe as before because they're so many thugs from all around the country wouldn't miss the opportunity in Bali. We also talked about the shortage of drugs in Bali during certain time of the year because of the over demand and more police control. For example weed is hardest to get once that readily on the street easily now people would think twice to buy without the chance of getting caught. Of course as a good host, Toni would provide some illegal substance to his clients if they requested. He wouldn't deal but he would try his hardest from his contacts to get them and of course he would get the "cut" from the suppliers.

I couldn't help but wonder if homosexuality in this island is a blessing in disguise for Toni and people who are working in the gay district. One side of an argument clearly indicates that it is pure exploitation but in the other hand Toni is not a homophobic character who exploits tourists money for his personal gain he clearly understand and mastering the art of customer service, and He clearly did gave me a service from the heart, I was his customer and he gave me what I needed, a ride home and an incredible tale, Toni was a wonderful story teller. As he dropped me off in front of my hotel, We exchange contacts and He makes sure that i have his number and he's always on call for me 24/7. It was a great night for me to hear such amazing stories by amazing people and sure it was an unforgettable moment. For me Toni is really the most interesting people who i met in this holiday and It was a great pleasure to meet such an interesting person like him. I will see him again the next time i'm in Bali and I want to hear more of his amazing stories.


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