Thursday, May 30, 2013


It was Valentine's day and I have to take an early morning flight back to Sydney, the end of my holiday. Sadly, it all came to an end. I spent really great time back home, spending time with my friends and my family. ate a lot of good food, hear good news (my sis got engaged to her handsome partner).

Changi Airport Terminal 3 was quiet at 6am in the morning but i was curious who's on grindr that morning. I had a chat with this really young and cute guy who turned out to be in the same flight as i was, we sat few rows apart but yeah he wasn't interested in me, that's alright i got the idea, another rejection. ;) it's really funny how grindr really revolutionised the way people communicate to each other and grindr might cuts the odds of people finding their soul mate. wherever they are, in proximity.

So i guess in my fantasy, i will find my soulmate somewhere in the airport and we'll be going to the same destination.


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