Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bali part deux: The Virgin

After Gili Trawangan had only a day left til I was back to Jakarta. During my time there I didn't hook up with anyone, just had random chats with people from all over the country. One guy that caught my attention anB i was chatting with for days lives in bali He's around my age His name is Drew, balinese born chinese background, who moved back from Bali after his studies overseas years ago. When i landed back in Bali, I I've moved on with the asshole and ready for some more adventures. I made a date with Drew that evening. He was eager to meet me so we met at a fashionable restaurant in Seminyak. When i met him he seemed nervous at first but after a drink he seemed to loosened up. He's very cute for an asian, not that i date exclusively other race than mine but Drew caught my attention by his nice smile and worldly intelectual, we could carried on conversation on general stuff for hours but i felt like i needed to dig a little deeper. He mentioned in his chat that he was attracted to me but he also warned me that he's a very shy person. I could tell but we got along just fine, more like two old friends catching up. So I braved myself to ask him more personal question directly but careful and subtle. I asked him if he brought many dates here and he shyly answered a few he said. I couldn't help it but giggled and told him to move places because i wanted this night to be special. 

So we settled on Metis, one of the best restaurant in Bali for deserts and drinks after our meal. After a change of environment He was more relaxed and opened up to me and I felt more and more attracted to him. I told him my stories and what brought me here today as a gay man, he listened carefully and I asked him "So what brings you here to meet me?" He paused, I knew it was too much for him but i waited for a few seconds for him to answer. I knew he had a story, and seeing him being nervous makes him even more attractive. Then here it went, he told me his story, something that no one had ever heard before. First of all, he's a virgin and never been kissed with anyone. But he had once fell in love. It was in Sydney few years back when he was studying in the university, the same one as mine. He told me that He was in love with his best friend and that was how he knew that he's gay. They were best buddies for years until the best friend found a girl and He couldn't control himself out of jealousy long story short, they fell out of friendship almost the same time he had to go back to Bali. He never told the man he loved how he felt but I guessed for Drew, building his own jail was sort of a remedy. He could never tell anyone his true self, unlike me who has very understanding friends He has no one. So i played the role of therapist that night and i found him even more and more attractive. Our conversation was over passion fruit brulee and some cocktails, i just wanted to kiss him in that moment but i couldn't. He told me more about him, how he met few guys in Bali, some were on holidays and some lived there. He showed me pictures and some i found them cute and some i didn't find them attractive at all. He told me some stories about them, one was a plastic surgeon who was very full of himself, another one was a pushy sissy chubby guy who wanted to meet him but they never did but always texting him, and another one was a sushi chef who was gonna move to bali but they had not met yet, and some were just bad dates. I told him that he's dated a few, he nodded and told me that Grindr changed his life but He was too scared to do anything with them, hook ups was out of the question for him. He wanted "the one" to kiss him, let alone to do anything. My heart sank when i heart that but I felt like i wanted him more. So i shamelessly flited with him but he still couldn't give himself to me. but i knew his weakness but i guess i played that card last. He looked at the watch and it was already late so he needed to drop me back to the hotel because it was past his curfew. On the way to the hotel, i tried all my moves to get him, he was really nervous but soon he gave in his hand to me, we held hands all the way. So i asked him if i could kiss him, he paused and with a lot of thinking he told me that he wanted to but he couldn't, he just wanted us to be friends first and see how far we could develop. But me as a true believer of "The moment" convinced him that I was leaving tomorrow and if he wanted to take the chance it was now. I knew he wanted to kiss me but he was very nervous as no one has ever seduced him this way before. I said to him that i was okay and just take your time and i would never force him to do anything that he wouldn't want to do. he nodded. But I played my last card after finishing that last sentence, I took his hand on my beard and told him, "I couldn't give you a kiss but i knew what you wanted all along" He got exited. I could feel that he was shivering with excitement that he almost hit a motorcycle. Few days back before we agreed to meet he told me that under no circumstances i would shaved off my beard so i agreed to it. He was very attracted to it. Then i guess i played my last card well. I told him to park his car so we could have a proper goodbye., I invited him back to my room but he refused so i told him to follow me to the swimming pool area. It was very dark, so i thought it was the perfect spot to kiss him. I gave him a proper goodbye hug and i could feel that he was shivering nervously, but i could also feel the biggest hard on someone's pants. I felt his face, head-butting him like a cat, slowly seducing him, then his phone rang. It was his mom that he had to answer. FUCK. such a mood killer. he had to go back soon. He apologized that he had to leave now, so i gave him the last hug and he gave me a little peck on the cheek. It was very sweet. So i dropped him back to his car, and before i sent him off i told him that i want to take picture of his t-shirt as a souvenir, and this is what he was wearing

I knew all night what he wanted and i gave it to him. I waved goodbye when he left, I knew i would meet him again in the future. Although i couldn't get take his first ever kiss, It was a great night for both of us. I couldn't help but wonder how could i have such confidence that night, shamelessly seducing a virgin :-P oh well, i guess the prize was too high but along the way i pushed my self to the limit and found a new friend. I got a text from him after half hour telling me how great it was to meet me and we're still keeping in touch now. Maybe i would date him properly in the future, but i guess right now i would want to start anything or give him any expectation that would break his heart. There might be a sequel when i'm back in Bali on Easter next year for my sister's wedding.  


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