Monday, October 5, 2015

Crossing path

Sometimes you just won't know who you would meet along the way. Finding connection in the age of grindr is easy, as easy as opening an app on your phone.

In the past few months i crossed path with few exciting people. People that i've met virtually and also in real life. I cherished every moments that i shared with these wonderful people. Sometimes it's not all about hooking up to find yourself and dig the other person deeper. I find it more profound that having one night stands.

Don't get me wrong, i still love my sex, but to find that special person in life, of these special people in life is harder than finding someone who's compatible in bed with me. I've been ravelling quite extensively in the past few months and The guys that i found outside my home ground are way more exciting and more on my level than guys who i usually interact. I don't know if it was traveller's luck or i was just lucky that i was at the right time or place at that point in my life that these encounters opened my eyes that i truly cherished being single.

The intimacy that i shared, the stories we tell, the activities that we did together. Those are precious moments that were priceless. I didn't regret any single moments, yet I just have to move on as we were just crossing path. They were not there to stay and so was i.