Monday, August 3, 2015

love found love lost, then found again: renewed.

This happened few years ago, i know i had not been very disciplined in writing my blog, but it's something that is quite meaningful to me. His name is Byron. I met him through Growlr. He's attracted to my type, a bigger asian guy. Well in Sydney he got plenty of options. Well, he did meet most of them to get over his ex. He moved from a state not far away and yet probably it was just time before i met him. He was friends with people that i knew back then. They were in the same circle.

When we met, it was just magical. We did rounds of sleepovers, cuddling sessions, and emotionally dependent to each other for a while. I gave him a cute nickname, and it seemed that we were perfect for each other.

 but yet, the sex did not work.

Sex is very important factor to build up a relationship. and in this case that factor was just missing. We tried, but yet we gave up. I guess what we had was stronger than sex. we still continued seeing each other. until he moved away.

I vividly remembered they day i dropped him to 357 to have sex then i picked him up after he got some sex, It felt weird yet it felt fulfilling so see someone that i cared got what he needed. I also sought sex from other people. but yet at the end of the day he came home to me, and we embraced in each other's arm and collapsed in my bed.

We laughed, we argued, we kissed, we cuddled. but we did not make love.

I loved him, he loved me but it just didn't work.
He moved away, yet he came back to me.
We renewed our relationship into something stronger. a friendship that is beyond love.
I love him unconditionally.

We are friends now.
That's what matters the most: The fact that he's still in my life.
Maybe forever.


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