Friday, November 22, 2013

Sex Life

Being young and sexually active. Life is great isn' it, with the help of technology and I know how and when to get laid. not.

As I mentioned, sex life is great, but that doesn't make life great. I slept around with a lot of people last year, I think 2012 was the year when i got really slutty, I don't want to put numbers on it, but even i'm quite scared with how many men that i have been intimate with in the last 12 months, It all slowed down now, I think i have lost a little bit interest in sex, or i'm just taking a break from it.

I felt at one stage that i'm a slave to desire and I will do whatever it takes to fulfil it. but there also times when i completely lost interest in sex. There are also frustrated times when i couldn't get hard for a hot guy in front of me. No idea. Biology is a complex thing.

Right now, i felt kinda empty, is it because i had so much of those meaningless sex and now i gotta pay the price. well, if the price to pay only includes occasional blues i don't mind, but to mention STD, well lucky enough i haven't got one, ever but I have few scare. lucky all clear, I just have to be careful with people that i kiss, i get sore throat easily.

There are times when i just want to have sex every single day of the week, i log on grindr, and other apps like scruff, or growlr or jack'd at various times of the day and i usually hit jack pot at the oddest time of the day. I call it midnight express. It was fun, hooking up with like minded people, only want to blow some load and leave. there are few times i stayed over. The sex, is mostly amazing, incredible in fact. i could write a whole book about it. but somehow, I paid the heavy price of cab fares and being a student, taxi fares in sydney are not exactly cheap. plus +20% surcharge after midnight and +10% card fees, I got broke, most of the time. I just want to jump on that cab and have sex.

I realized that this is just not healthy. Am i addicted to sex? That was the question.


At January 15, 2014 at 3:16 AM , Blogger MOUSEtrip said...

Even in sex, there are times when you need to take a break. :)
Like you, my desire for sex has its ups and down.We're all sex addicts, especially in certain periods of life.
The important thing is to realize when to stop .... HAVE FUN and take the TAXI when you have cravings :)


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