Friday, November 22, 2013

The doctor

He is an older handsome man, with a chunky built, all muscle, killer smile, and amazing smell. I encountered him sometime last year, in the winter. I was writing up a paper in the middle of the night and somehow i ended up in his bed at 2 am in the morning.

The mood of the room was intimate, that's how i put it. candles everywhere. soft music playing, light chill out music, a type of music that always gets me turned on. He knew how to seduce a man, with his touch, with his smile.

No words are exchanged, just lust.
Lust then turned into passion. he was such a good kisser, his body was amazing to touch and he gave an incredible blow job. He was a total bottom, and very submissive. but he taught me how to please him. We shared the equal power of control, when he rode me on top, he just knew how to please me with his arse. It felt like paradise, he just knew how to control it. it made me when wild. Then when we were on the other position, he wanted me to be in charge. I started slow, passionate, love-making like then turned into full on fucking like an animal.

Then it got really intimate again.
We fucked for very long time. I had no idea how i had the energy, but when i looked at the time and the window it was already 6:30am in the morning. I got really tired, but I want to know the man who i was fucking for hours and hours. I didn't know his name, so I asked, His name is Robbie, a specialist doctor. We exchanged information about each other while i spooned him and fuck him very slowly with the only energy left and I fell asleep while i was inside him. We shared a lot in that morning, about his past relationships, his profession, life, about me and how much he loved me inside him.

Somehow i could see myself being with him. he's the kind of guy that i always wanted. Older, handsome and great sexual drive.

I woke up around midday, then he turned really cold. he wasn't as warm as 3 hours before when my eyes were closed. He turned into completely different person. He just wanted me out of the bed quickly and leave the place. polite, yet cold. not what i expected out of the man.

We showered separately, quickly get dressed and left. We would keep in touch again, and I caught up again with him but it wasn't as good as the first time. He wanted to explore the darker side, and yet i reluctant. I wanted to feel what i felt the first time around. But what he could offer me, to use him like a whore. Not the kind of sex what i want.

I also got really worried that we got too intimate that he distanced himself. He wrote me a nice love letter after we played the first time around and when I hung out at his place not long after we fuck. He just gone really cold again. I just don't get him being hot and cold.

I like him, really do. but what can i do, the first time was a splendid memory, and the rest. rubbish.
I would love to make love to this man again. maybe one day he would open up his heart, as much as he opened up his legs.



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