Sunday, November 27, 2011

Confession of a Grindr addict.

My name is William and I'm addicted to grindr.

I've been having too much fun on grindr, and this is my confession. In the past few months I've met a lot of people, mainly for sex. I'm not the only person in sydney that have this problem. I think every gay men in Sydney is addicted to this application. It's the easiest way to meet new people for dates, sex, friends etc. ive heard wonderful stories about finding love from this wonderful application and some horror stories too.

I must admit, it is an application that change my life forever and it is here to stay. I've met great people along the way and great sex as well. I think Internet dating is dying and no one predicted that a phone application would change so many people's life. It is too easy to meet someone, it is always on your reach.

What's the best thing about grindr? It's all about finding the connection. As a human it is natural thing to Seek a connection. It could be a date, friendship even sex. Your new mate is everywhere he could be standing next to you on a bus stop or live across your building. It is all about the spontaneous moments. The thrill of meeting someone new everyday.

This is the new way of meeting people and it's a medium to bring people closer together. So you see a cute guy's profile and he is only couple meters away from you and you said hi on grindr first then a little chat then you see that person in real life and ask him to meet you right away. It breaks the awkwardness and technology replaces the role of traditional matchmaking and personal courage to talk to someone.

What I hate about grindr is the attitude of some people. You are what your profile says about you. Sexual racism is prevalent and everywhere. I believe that there's always someone for everyone and of course with grindr, the option is limitless. You can hit on the guy your type but on his profile he puts "no asian/no fatties/oldies" of course I do respect people preferences but the argument is that putting your personal preference is a racist thing to do? Personally I dont even care, it even helped me hit on the right guy and saves my time but then again as what that person reflected on his profile, people might get offended. Should an etiquette be enforced or a person should have the right to speak his mind regardless of what other people judge. The key is be politically correct, how though? After all grindr does not allow nudity or heavy sexual connotation on the profile. There's an art to be subtle and be politically correct, as well as building an interesting profile so you would get most hits.

So these past few months I've been abandoning my blog to grindr-ing and I will tell tales of mine shortly

Stay tune.