Sunday, November 7, 2010

Second Date

I didn't expect much from him that week.

As usual, i always been passive. I don't really text or send too many message to a date or potential dates. Just enough information to give and receive. Communication in virtual environment could be misleading and makes things complicated. I like to meet a man face to face rather than never-ending chat on an applications or the worst is ping-pong messages. Coffee is the best time to get to know each other, nothing beats coffee time.

Around mid-week, the guy from last week texted me in the morning. I'm not a morning person but i didn't know why i was awake at that time. He asked me whether i wanted to "play" and i replied, "why not?". To be honest, I lost all my sexual urge for almost 2 weeks. Don't ask why, but i reckon it was the combination of stress and heartbreak that i just lost the appetite for fun. Back to him, He replied "Okay, Pick you up at 12?, great see u then". He was at my door at 12, we planned to have a bit of fun and lunch afterwards. I was damn nervous hoping that no one was around. I don't live alone. I gave him a little tour of my house with the last destination to be my bedroom. When we were there, he looked into my eye and asked me: "What do you wanna do now?". Without answering, i guess we both knew the answer of that question. We kissed passionately then we groped each other's body. It was quite intense, he's a good kisser. We undressed each other. then get back to kissing. I felt there was this electric energy between us. There was a lot of body contact to each other, i think that's my favorite part of sex. After a while, We did it to each other. I never quite enjoyed being on top before but he changed that. It fitted like a glove. i was more dominant, It felt so powerful when I was in control. I've never felt this before. Being on top takes a lot of work, I usually being the passive guy and let the other guy do the work. I tried a lot of times but never worked out. Never like this one. It felt good, i enjoyed it quite much and we stared at each other and kissed while i did the work. After some time, he wanted to take control, i let him. It was hard for him to do me but He knew how to use it properly. It was not painful, to be honest it was very pleasurable. I felt like he was on a state of trance, he gave me couple of love bites. Never knew that bites are very pleasurable. He came, then he helped me came. Both of us were exhausted. We played for almost 2 hours in a very small room with bad ventilations and strong natural sunlights. We were sweating like a pig. I guess we burned more calories than doing yoga. He smelt nice. The combination of cigarette, aftershave and his natural smell.  We collapse on the bed,took a nap for half an hour. I was sleeping on his chest. I felt very comfortable. I must say that it was one of the best sex of my life.

 We were running out of time because we wanted to have lunch and He has some errands to run. We didn't take shower and just straight to a nice food place. I smelt like him, the combinations of both of our seats, cigarettes and cologne. We had a quick meal but very long conversations with coffee. Both of us has 2 coffees. The same one as last week. Cappuccino with sugar for him and a flat white then piccolo for me. We talked about everything. He was funny and loving, He has a good sense of humor. He knows how to talk to people, and he has a nice heart. He told me about his experience in some part of the world. I also asked him a little bit about his partner. He told me quite a lot about him, and how did they meet and such. He is also very smart, speaks 2 foreign language fluently and learning a couple more. He speaks my forgotten native language a little, He even knew the slang and a very lame expression. I was stoked but amused. We also shared the same passion for something flying up in the air, so our conversations were endless. But after an hour, that was what we got. He dropped me back home. A gentleman. He told me that he will find some time to meet me again, i hope he meant it. I would love to meet him again. But I told myself, i should not get too involved, or else i will get hurt. The sex was good and the conversations were great but that was it, could it be more than that. I should nt expect much from it. Just remember that he is partnered, and he has a lot of skeleton in his closet. Just like mine. Will there be any future for the two of us? I never know where life is going to take me, but I will see how it goes. A bit or a lot of more fun will never let me down usually. When a sudden unexpected feelings just hit me like a train, that will become a problem. If he never contact me again, I have nothing to lose, because He made me feel like a man therefore I have to take as a man.


ps: My whole body was sore for 2 days, Took me some time to recover. But it felt good, and i slept like a baby. And my friends told me that i have this glow on my face, but i didn't tell them how. :) The bite marks has not yet gone but it's fading away.



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