Friday, October 29, 2010

Stalker part 2

I found it really easy to stalk people from fb, what i need to do is just their name, full name preferably. I always believe in six degrees of separations. So, i guess it's not that hard to get some information about a guy that i like after just knowing his last name or his email address. The technology really helps, i couldn't imagine in the past how people get information about other people, maybe through mutual friends or organizations but now it's done in seconds. Fb profiles always contains precious infos about people that i stalk, like wether he's single or partnered, real age and pictures. status updates and twtr infos are important as well, so i can judge him from his writings and emotions put into the timeline. I've always been a big stalker, not in real life but on net. It's safer that way to judge wether you should meet in person the guy that you just met on the net or not because He most probably lies about his age, or worst his status. It's better to be honest upfront rather than be disappointed later. I guess i'm still normal because i know a lot of people do this. Well, now i wonder who has been stalking me on the net, that could be interesting.



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