Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Interior Architect

Couple months ago, I downloaded site #G in my iphone. It's a staple of every dude like me to have that application. He found me there, He's not good looking, shorter than me, and older but for some reason i was weirdly attracted to him. I went to his place that night, We're both smokers so we clicked right away. We was rough but to the extend that i tolerate, he smells nice, a combination of expensive cologne, cigarette smoke and sweat. he has some fetish which i don't mind. We had a great time. We did it again after 2 weeks. We had great pre-and post-coital conversations. He appears like a bad boy but he's polite. he's into japanese culture and cars. Very masculine. People must see him as a regular masculine bloke with an artistic tendency, he's also an ass. I like it. bad boys to play and good boys to keep. He's very polite but he's a beast on bed. After a while, we lost contact, We planned to meet up couple of times but never realized. The last time i contacted him he told me over the text: "We had some great time together, but let's just leave it.". I was really annoyed but oh well, there's plenty of fish in the sea.. That was 3 months ago. yesterday, i opened app #S after a while. I haven't been to any of my personal ads on the web for a week now but still open some applications, there's no harm in it i think to just look and browse. Then He saw me and woofed me. I said hi, then he tole me" "Is that you? Nice profile picture man! Sorry i lied I was under a lot of stress, i wanted to meet you again if that's cool with you". That was unexpected. Just too bad i was broke yesterday and didn't have any libido to meet him. I told him:"Yeah, let's meet up around this week, we'll see how it goes. Let you know". I don't know if i'm gonna meet him soon, but i was flattered, he remembers my name and his mistake. I guess i will meet him when i'm not busy. And I'll see how it goes.. A little bit of fun won't break my heart.



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