Saturday, October 16, 2010

He's just not that into me

I began to wonder if Mr. Big is not into me. I guess i just have to accept the fact. What we had in the other city was great but maybe i should just drop it there. What happened there stays there. I asked some of my closest and best friends some questions about dealing with this sickening feeling. M told me to wait, because he's wearing the pants and there's nothing i can do at this stage except wait. S, in the other hand told me that i should be nice to other people because of karma. She knows about my encounters with other guys and i always have been an ass. She also lectured me about love and how it is spontaneous and not planned. J told me to ask the inevitable question "what are we and where are we going?" I doubt myself to have the gut to ask and i don't wanna lose him. well. I have to be prepared if he won't call me anymore because he's just simply NOT INTO me. C suggests the same. Me and Signore Big have been known each other for 5 months although we haven't spend that much together. but the duration of time is long and i should consider it. I want him, he has baggages and so do i. I fell for him genuinely, ad i didn't plan it. I was off-guard with my heart in the other city, and when i was back here, I got my heart broken not because of him but because of myself. He has been hot and cold. I don't have the heart to contact him regularly, i'm afraid it will be just a one-way monologue. I think i don't expect much from him either. I just want me to be special in his eyes because he is, for me. If he's just not that into me then I have to move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea and It will be my luck to catch one in the future.


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