Monday, August 30, 2010

On Being Single

I have never been in a relationship before. Well, i guess may had once in middle school when i got really close to this girl, but i didn't think it counts. We didn't do anything, so i guess it was just a really close friendship or maybe a platonic love and not a single physical activities involved. i was 14 so it was 7 years ago. Time flies. As I discover more about myself, I know exactly what i want. based on gender, sexuality, look, physical figure, and emotional character. Finding the one is never exactly easy.
I'm a really big fan of sex and the city and the character Carrie Bradshaw represents every 'single' mankind in this world, or if it's too extreme, a single fella living in the city. it takes Carrie 6 years for her lover to finally say ' you are the one'. I believe i will encounter something similar. or not. I will never know unless i try hard and smart. My best friend always has this perception of me being a confirmed bachelor for life. Well, i guess i liked the idea of being single for the rest of my life until last week something just hit me and realized the fact that i don't wanna miss out my youth and experimenting looking for love.
I believe intimacy without intricacy, but does that concept can replace the real thing. I will never find out unless i try. they say that love is a drug, but have i ever try the drug? never. I will have to swallow it or at least try something that i have never experienced before.
Being Single is easy, you have no restriction. no limit. freedom. Some of my friends who are partnered envy my single life. I was laughing inside, i thought i was blessed not to have all the trouble in the world just for the sake of being someone else's but now i think again. Is it worth it?
So many contradicting theory in my head, but I guess for now i just have to enjoy being single and keep my options open.



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