Thursday, October 7, 2010

Plenty of Fish

During Dinnertime, My best friend told me that i should move on from these dramas because there are plenty of fishes in the sea. She hates seeing me feeling down but I've always been pessimistic about love and give advises to her, so it was her turn to do the same to me. She was laughing when i told her that i heartbroken. Well, i guess this is my first time and her count is more than 5. About fishes in the sea, I have 4 potential dates when i checked my inbox on the way home. Guy no.1 is looking for one night stand. Guy number 2 has been writing me messages for months and I never considered him because he's partnered. he wanted to take me on a date. guy number 3 also looking after sweet encounters and guy number 4 has been wanting to meet me since last year but because he's overseas it has never happened. So i guess i sort of moved on after hearing advises from my best friend. Someone also told me about the cure for Jay dramas is shopping theraphy and sleep with someone else quick. I guess i am a bit of a slut, but that's the best remedy for loneliness and heartbreak but not so much a cure. The cure i figured will be listening to a lot of Nina Simone.



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