Friday, October 29, 2010


I Stalked mr.Big's ex on fb, turns out they actually haven't found a place to live yet. Well, I pity them, i don't personally know the ex but from the site, we have 1 friends in common, and he's my friend's housemate. So thanks to my friend's housemate, i got access to Mr.Big ex's wall and pictures. He's very tall and handsome, few years older than me, but he has disability. Mr.big and him were together for more than 8 years until Mr.Big let him go for another guy. The twisted thing is, They all live together in a nice beautiful house in a suburb near the waters. very beautiful house but very old. They have to let go of the house, Mr.Big told me the news the day he invited me to go to the other city. The first time we met, he took me to his house because no one was there, Mr.Big's ex and his partner was away for vacation. I had a great time visiting their home. he wined and dined me and we had a great time. I had a feeling that Mr.Big still has feelings for his ex. I mean they had been together for almost a decade. Mr.Big told me how did they meet when we were in the other city, i asked because I was curious about their relationship. I think they are still in love with each other, but Mr.Big has to let his ex go. They met 10 years ago in the nude beach and Mr.Big offered the kid a ride, well that's sorta the beginning of a their relationship. Mr.Big wrote a lovely letter to his ex not long after their encounter about the start of their beautiful friendship and that letter was hanging on the wall in their house. When i saw that i was jealous of his ex. He had someone like him at an early age, a guy who was willing to love him unconditionally. The ex left Mr.Big last year for this guy who's almost the same age as Mr.Big but better in appearance. He was also married to a woman and has 2 children. More dramas into their house. Not long after I met Mr.Big for the first time, They had a huge fight . I knew all this because Mr.Big was whining on status updates on fb and bb. Personally, i wouldn't want to be in that situation, their living condition is very uncomfortable. I don't even know why Mr.Big could handle this, i guess it's all about his love to his ex. If i were Mr. Big i would moved out and move on with my life alone. maybe live in a nice apartment in the city with the dog.

I stalked Mr.Big's ex because i was wondering about Mr.Big. Mr.Big unfriended me not long after we met because one of his lovers got jealous of me. It wasn't very nice of him, but at least he was honest and let me know the reason. At least i got a more personal contact than that site. His ex always put status updates every couple of days. When i was fallen for Mr.Big i stalked his ex to know how They are doing. It got me more and more jealous of him but at least I know that Mr.Big is okay. When i let go of the feelings, i stalk him again out of curiosity. I shouldn't do it but i guess i told myself that the stalking is the test wether I still have feelings for mr.Big or not. Well, honestly, i still do have feelings for him, but at the same time i have toughen up my heart. I would never project any possibilities of me being in a relationship with him, it's almost impossible, if it's happened anyway it will be another problem for me or for him. So better to leave it this way. I accept the fact that what happened in the other city stays there, It might happened again as he told me i don't know if it's genuine or not that he would want to go to visit my hometown with me. Well, that would be nice, or maybe another trip with him would be very nice. but I guess it'll be no more than that. I guess in the future he will find someone who is better looking than me or eve a better traveling partner because i don't think i care anymore. I guess what we had with him was very special because it was ll new for me, but not for him. I wish Mr.Big all the best of luck and love. I would consider him as a friend, maybe we will have some more fun in he future, or for coffee or meal together. But one thing for sure that I have toughen up my heart so it won't be as fragile as before and now I know the games that he's playing. I should play it well then in the future. and I would not wanna live in his house or spend any time with his ex partner and his ex's partner, that would be really sick and twisted. I hope i could see him again in the future. Best of luck Mr.Big!!



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