Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The priest

He's not exactly a priest, but he's a very religious man. When i first saw his profile, he looks sorta okay. Do-able. He's interested in meeting up, so i thought why not i give it a go. So we met after exchanging couple of phone calls and text messages. When i first saw him, he did look like his profile, but he was ungroomed and looked like a beast, an unattractive beast. So I didn't know why i ended up on the bed with him. The sex was okay, mediocre. He wanted me to be in charge, well to be honest i have not much experience being in charge but I tried my best. It was okay, but his appearance and his mannerism turned me off. He told me that he is in the closet but obviously he is a flaming gay man! he reminds me of stanford from sex and the city, not from the way he looks but the way he talks. I have nothing against it but it was quite a turn off.  i didn't regret meeting him though, I guess writing this experience up pays it off. I did treat him like dirt, it because he talked too much and i just wanted to shut his mouth and got into the business. To make it worst, my neighbor saw him. Oh it's embarrassing. The secret sex, and it's definitely a walk of shame. I'm not gonna contact him again ever. I guess once was just enough for me. I couldn't stand his personality. In or out of bed.



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