Sunday, November 7, 2010


I went on a date last week, He has been messaging me couple of times on site#F since 6 months ago, He's partnered that's why I wasn't interested at first. He's quite good looking i think, but not as handsome as an actor. He works for the government, military related for something up in the air. I replied his messages eventually. On my mind at that time, He's partnered but his status said open relationship It was a bit of a turn off. On the message, He told me that he and his partnered are not living together and he just wanted to have a coffee or a meal with me and anything will be possible after that. I guess a coffee wouldn't hurt. weeks ago,I was busy and he was too, took us some time to find the right time, and just earlier today we did meet for the first time. He's much taller than me, older for sure and cuter in person. He's around 6'4", very big but not flabby, I guess it was because of all the training that he did. I think he was one of the cutest guys that i've ever been on a date with. We had coffee in the city at jet's QVB he doesn't live near me, at eastern suburbs but far away in North Shore. He was in the city for some meeting so i guess it was the right timing. We introduced ourselves and he can speak a little my language surprisingly. His partner's nationality is the same as me and he's been to my city couple of times. he's also very funny, i can relate to his jokes and it wasn't a cheap joke. He told me that he's a "North shore kind of guy" which means he rarely goes out to the city unless there's something important and he loves his neighborhood. We shared quite a lot, and both of us shared the same passion for aviation. He told me almost everything, including his baggages and his life which was great. at least he's honest to me. I told him mine as well, i guess i have nothing to hide to him. Both of us are not fully out of closet at work and to some people that we love so i guess we have something in common. He was married with 2 children, his eldest one are around 4 years younger than me. and He has been divorced for more than 15 years and he's not out to some people due to his professions. I understand his situation, because it's quite similar to mine, and i get him. We had very nice conversations, He took me to rose bay and we had nice conversations there. for 3 hrs that i spent with him not even a single 5 second pauses. So communication was great. He was gentleman as well, most people that i had date with either had communication problems with me or took me for their advantage, and i don't mind, physical activities i believe is a part of communication. He took his coffee with sugar, cappuccino, a delicious drink. I had a piccolo and flat white, both without sugar. What type of coffee does one drinks reflects his personality. I believe that. Cappuccino is sweet and delicious. hmm.. After coffee we went to somewhere secluded from the city, we had further chat. We connect. he didn't try to take advantage of me at that point, but i had a feeling that he wanted to kiss me from his body language but i reluctant. I didn't know why. I guess i was feeling a bit uncomfortable because i didn't want to take it so fast and On my mind he's partnered. So i have to protect my heart. He dropped me home, a perfect gentleman. I guess a little date with a perfect gentleman wasn't that bad at all. He made my week for sure.



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