Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Interior Architect part 2.

This part one

2 weeks ago, i woke up one day and suddenly all my heartbreak healed overnight. Maybe it was the cure or remedy out of karaoke sessions with my best friend. On that day i went to see my shrink and tell her what happened with me with Mr.Big. i got quite emotional again for a while after leaving the shrink's office but It felt great after a while. It was a long way to go to my house and i made a couple stop. I didn't know why i did that, i usually just make my way home with a cab. but I made couple of stops and took an unusual route. I didn't think or expect anything to happen but suddenly out of nowhere i saw a familiar face. It was the interior architect. We spoke to each other couple days earlier. He said he wanted to meet me for some fun, i told him i was a bit busy maybe in a week or two. When i met him it was awkward, i didn't know how to act or what to do but We saw each other and he said hi first. we talked for a bit, he told me that he is handling a project for a little cafe in that street. He also told me to let him now whenever i'm ready to meet me to hook up or have dinner or something. I guess it was a wonderful offer. I never reject any invitations for gun unless my instinct tells me no. I said to him definitely i should give him a shout. and we parted way, it was brief yet wonderful, I never run into my flings or someone that i've slept with unexpectedly. So it was a surprise. My confidence boosted up again and I felt even more healed. I don't know why i'm not ready to meet Mr.Interior Architect now. maybe because he was rejected me one, and it didn't feel good. Or maybe i'm just scared to meet him again, i'm too scared too get too involved. his appearance resembles a bad boy, but we did have chemistry together. He told me when we first met that he hates playing games. well, i do too, I never want to play one or create or get involved in one. So we have a lot of things in common, not to mention that what he's doing is related to my industry in the future. I can't imagine myself to actually working under him. Haha, never know that's it's gonna be possible. Well, i should contact him whenever i'm ready to meet him. He's a nice guy and we had chemistry together. He wants fun, and i don't now what i want but at least i know what he wants so it's good. i won't contact him unless i'm certain that i want to meet him. he hates games, and so do i. 
We'll see what happen.




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