Thursday, November 11, 2010

Text messages

I sent Mr.Big text messages again this morning, just to confirm our rain check tonight. I just need to assure whether he's still interested or not. I sent him a simple text, "up for coffee tonight, signore?" i kinda waited for an answer. last night as i predicted, he stood me up even though he gave an apology later. I replied his text last night, but with a very bitchy tone and very straight forward. i felt bad afterwards that's why i texted him again. After 5 minutes, my phone started ringing, it was the text message ringtone. I checked my phone and guess what, there was 2 text messages. First from Mr.Big and the second was from the interior architect. Mr.Big said: "Yes, I am!". The Interior architect only said hi, apologize for being busy and asking if i want to meet up. I just don't know what to answer. or what to do. It was a surprise.

Then the stories continues..


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