Thursday, November 11, 2010


I guess i lack of ambition. I just don't know what i want, well not completely. I know my mid and long term goals but i don't know what are my ambitions in carrier or love in the sort term. After coffee with Mr.Big a.k.a Joe. (Because suddenly i think he's not my Mr.Big yet, haha) left me more clueless. I agree to meet Sam, the I.A tomorrow. well, this is not set in stone but he will confirm again tomorrow. Well, i guess it will become a headache if i see couple of guys at the same time. Around christmas time, i was seeing 2 guys at the same time, with no goals. and now they moved on. so did i. and To be honest, being with those guys, made me even lonelier during christmas time. So i don't know what's gonna happen with me. I have stopped looking around. I will see someone that's in front of my eyes. I will not look fro any more troubles. I have enough.

I don't know what's the I.A wants, well, i guess a little bit of fun won't hurt I guess i miss a little bit of an action from him. he rejected me once, but he wants to see me again. well weird huh. but his intentions i clear, no strings attached and i guess that's what i want at this moment.

I have another 2 potential dates that i haven't seen yet. and they're dying to meet me. but of course we have to test out all the chemistry first before things might go hot and heavy. the first one is a culinary school student. I'm his type. We have chat couple of times but he's always busy but He always tells me that he's dying to see me for coffee. oh well, i guess i have an admirer. that's good. The second guy is a visitor to this city, He's from very far-far away. We have been in touch for more than a year. He has called me couple of times for phone sex. haha well, he's the only guy that i have phone sex with. Well, It's nice to see someone from far away coming to visit me. a lonely boy.

And Don't forget about Mick, the partnered guy. We haven't talked this week. haha, i guess he's been busy hunting from others, i often see him online this week. well, i don't mind seeing him again. The sex was amazing and the coffee was even better. It was plain fun. That's what i like about seeing him, no strings attach and but there's always a possibility. and I'd love to keep it that way.

I guess i'm having fun now, that's great. Will it make me happy or make me a happier guy. We'll see what happen. One thing for sure, i don't what to get my heart broken again.



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