Saturday, December 11, 2010

Food and Emotion

There's an expression:"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach". I guess it was proven by me. 2 days ago, out of the blue i made summer inspired salad to Joe. It was impromptu, It was a very warm sunny day and I was craving for salad for weeks. So, i made a bowl of salad. It was rocket salad with pear avocado, walnuts and Balsamic glazed. Yum. I called him to pick it up on his way back home. We only live 5 minutes apart from each other. he was surprised that i made a dish. Maybe the gesture was a little too much. I've never really made anyone a thoughtful dish like that, well. it's a first for something right. He's been very busy lately, i feel see the exhaustion in his eyes. I do deeply care about him, but he just has way too many baggages. Should i get involved in this, i hope not. Last night, he asked me to appear in front of my door at 9pm at night. I didn't expect anything, well maybe i thought he was gonna take me out or something but he didn't. he told me that we couldn't spend time this weekend because of family commitments, so he returned my gesture by baking me profiterole. It was really good. I can feel the orgasm in my tongue, it's much better than sex. We haven't had sex for almost a week now. i'm not complaining, i think gestures and emotions are just simply better than sex. Food is a gesture and it provokes emotions. The first time we met, six months ago, he baked me rhubarb crumble after we had sex. It was the sweetest gesture anyone has ever done to me. I was simply blown away. He is much in a better position then than now.

We are struggling with our body weight, especially him. He wasn't as big as now, he used to be cuter and much more attractive. He simply lost his looks and his confidence. I like him because of his good heart, not his appearance. He told me that food calms him down and therefore he just eats a lot whenever he feels anxious. He has a lot of problems lately, and he's simply not in a good position. We have discussed that we should go on a diet together, but i guess it's almost impossible. He works for the service industry as his day job and Food is just all around him. I wouldn't resist the temptation either if i were him. Food does make you feel good for a moment, but there's an expensive price to pay. Insecurities due to weight gain and health considerations when one is simply eating too much. i believe everything in moderation is good. one can eat really bad food but always in moderation, too much of a good thing is not nice. I really hope that he can confront his addiction for food. I think it's the key for him to get back on track. I do really care for you Mr.Big, i'd love to see you healthier and gain your confidence back.



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